Work Hard. Play Hard.

April 18, 2012
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I asked my dear friend  Amber to make this poster for me. Why? Because I want to be reminded of this in every moment of my workday.

I want to work HARD. Which in my world doesn’t mean, working till 3am every morning. It means working smarter. Getting rid of distractions. Getting rest & being diligent on my essentials, so that I am 100%. It means preparation. Focusing. Turning off the Internet. Taking social media apps off my phone. Working Smarter.

Then just as important, I want to PLAY hard. This is almost harder than work at times. I must pull myself away from my desk to breathe in fresh air. Have date nights. Laugh with my friends. Devotions. Enjoy a movie. RUN. Dream. Fly in planes. Do Hot Yoga. Get out on a boat. These very things FILL me up. They bring me back to my core. So that I can start right from that very core as I go back into my work.

What can you say NO to this week to help you focus on your work? What distractions can you get rid of so that you can leave your desk, your iPhone, and shut that office door without fear or guilt?

What can you say YES to that you usually put off because your too tired? Or you because you are working till 3 am? Is it cuddling with your munchkins? Being present? Getting outside? Laughing? Feeling whole?

I challenge you to work HARD. Unplug-Download-Action-step your way into PLAYING hard. They go hand in hand. And you deserve both. So what’s stopping you?


3 thoughts on “Work Hard. Play Hard.

  1. I love this!! My “play” is definitely exercise, running, yoga, boxing, etc., and too often I put so-called work first! Not tomorrow– I’m sleeping in my workout clothes 🙂

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