SO many of our days we spend muddled in the what-we-have-to-get-done-right-now-or-the-world-will-explode. We hardly ever pull our heads out of the sand to see the sun. To let our  hearts really FEEL. To open ourselves to others. To have more face-to-face time and less screen-to-screen (Thank you Nancy).

Stop covering your heart with menial things that in the long run don’t matter.

Let it breathe, let it SHINE.

P.S .:: Headed to DC today, keep up with the MTH2012 Spring tour and our everyday posts. And if you really want to see how nerdy I am check out my dance moves. 

  1. Liz

    I LOVE, love, love this image!!!!

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  3. Sara

    I know this gown! It was my dream wedding dress! Vowing to wear it to our 20 year anniversary celebration!