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May 8, 2012
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I have been so blessed to be on the road for the last three weeks. A beach wedding in Texas, home for 12 hours and then off for the MTH2012 Spring Tour with two of my best friends Lara & Emily. While I miss this guy and my cute pup so much, this work is so worth it. To take a step away from the everyday craze and get to what really matters. To clear the clutter and find where your heart and core are really at.

Nothing fires me up more than when people realize this exact thing. When someone who is overwhelmed with so many pieces of life sees a glimmer of hope, of light. This is why I love to mentor others. This is why we leave our families and dedicate our hearts to dropping in every class. We want to give each of you the gift of thinking differently. The gift of connection to what really matters and the kick in the pants to get rid of the rest. Rid of the clutter, the hours on facebook, overwhelming email and introduce CLARITY and tools to make life happen. Your life. The life you deserve.

I have been writing almost everyday on the MTH2012 Blog and wanted to share the content here. (I will keep updating this until Thursday)

Joy (and a video of me dancing like a dork)



Saying no to worry 

Also, if this post has your heart asking for more. Do this, it’s where it all started for me. Then take a peek at our fall tour schedule, seats are filling up fast. We would love to meet you and challenge you to get to what matters most. We want you to life your best life. NOW. Not when you leave your full-time job or when your kids are all grown up. Right this instant. Life is too short to live someone else’s story.


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