Up in the air

May 30, 2012
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I am drawn to passionate people. I think my heart has a magnetic reaction to those who emote passion for life, for their craft. It often comes out when someone sings acoustic at a wedding ceremony. When I watch a performance on my favorite show So You Think You Can Dance. I get chills, I am smiling and I want to run up and give them a high five and a hug. Seriously. I want them to know that they set my heart on fire.

An old co-worker and friend started posting pictures of her in a plane. I was intrigued and sooner than later I see this girl flying her first solo. Magnetic reaction. I emailed her to find out about it and I come to find out she wanted to capture this experience and was about to email me. I was all in. I just thought we would head to an airport and shoot around the hangars, which I have gotten to do a couple of times and it would have been great. But when I found out that we would be up in the air and heading out to a less traveled runway for some amazing on-runway shots, I might of squealed and almost peed my pants (I am kinda a baby during take-off & landing)

Jen has now left her full time job to pursue flying as a career because it sets her heart on fire. Now while you don’t have to quit your job to neccesarily follow your dream, but take a second to stop going through the motions today.

Find what makes your heart flutter, what makes you want to jump up and down and do some more of that today, tomorrow and everyday in between.


3 thoughts on “Up in the air

  1. I love the 4th image where she is leading (or maybe dragging :-)) him along. Her smile is excitement, energy, and just flat out joy! I love it!!! All of the lines on the runway, her dress, and even reflected in her glasses just make you feel like being propelled along for what is going to be a great ride! Super job, Gina!

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