Recipes for Jumping joy

June 1, 2012
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When was the last time you jumped? Honestly. As adults when was the last time you jumped up & down or possibly out of your seat? Do you remember?

We see young children with such JOY and I think we feel that we are too old or too grown up to experience it. I think we often believe I don’t have time for silly joy.

Which is the exact opposite of what we should be doing. I believe we are called to be joyful. To jump up and down if makes us giggle. To sing at the top of our lungs if it brings life to your body. To dance to a good tune. Jump on a trampoline. Go down a slip and slide.

What makes you joyful? Don’t tell me you have nothing, or its too much work or your too tired.

Try these recipes.

Monkey on the bed :: 1 Cup of gumption. 2 Cups of your favorite station on pandora. 1 teaspoon of a bed. 1 pint of getting up and taking a couple of bounces. Extra credit if you do some ninja leg kicks. Cook for 6 minutes on high. It shall leave you with a smile and possibly a bump on your head.

Windy Rock Concert :: 1 cup of a destination or errand. 2 cups of a car. 3 teaspoons of your favorite ipod or iphone song. 2 windows down. You must turn up the temperature up by cranking the sound and sing along loudly for 10 minutes. This will produce some smiling relief, maybe a glance from a passing car and definitely increase your skills in the steering wheel drums.

Sprinkle. Sprinkle. :: 2 Cups of hot sun. 1 cup of hose. 1/3 cup of a sprinkler (or you can substitute these both and borrow from a local business or neighbor) 1 quart of courage and then 3 sprints back and forth through the stream. Repeat as many times as you would like. It shall leave you with a flavor of joy, laughter and wet clothes.

I know these all might come off as silly to you, but we are NOT too old or too grown up. Our hearts yearn for the simplicity of laughter, joy and contentment. Isn’t that why we want to go to a movie or watch tv. To be entertained? To laugh? To feel content?

Choose the simple joy this weekend. Jumping up and down. Running through a sprinkler or singing your heart out in the car. Let me know if you have a favorite recipe. I would love to try it out.

Let’s all try to slow down to see and ENJOY the simple joys.

Happy weekend y’all.

3 thoughts on “Recipes for Jumping joy

  1. Gina! I love this reminder! I’ll add a couple: spending a few minutes “hulahooping” and putting on my favorite song and dancing full out!

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