Do you remember this to-die-for-beautifully-simple Maternity session? Miss Avery arrived and she is a perfect extension of this lil’ family.

Simply BEAUTIFUL and  Simply STUNNING.

It’s always the simple but so-full-of-life moments like these below, that make my heart flutter and want to cuddle with my loved ones more.    

  1. Liz

    I could be sitting in a rock concert reading this and still feel the silence of it. If that makes sense! Love the one with the mama’s looking at the camera, but her face is ever so slightly out of focus.

  2. Victoria Derrick

    I felt everyone of these…

  3. Caitlin Sullivan

    Gina Ziedler! You capture emotion SO very well, love!

  4. Natalie Norton

    Oh my goodness. The black and white with the baby arched back, with his face up toward mom? (Am I explaining that well??) is AMAZING. SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Love you.