September 24, 2012
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If I were to ask you if you were malnourished what would you say? Nope. Gina, Why would you ask that? What the heck are you talking about?

Matt and I are on a journey to make simple changes in our lifestyle to really nourish ourselves. From changing our soaps, to juicing and buying organic. We in the process of really paying attention to what were are putting in and on our body. Getting rid of toxins and slowly but surely trying to make our home more simple and healthy.

While going through all of this, it’s crossed my mind more than once……..

Am I really nourished in my life?  While I believe my life is FULL, am filled with the right things? Or am I filled with empty things therefore leading me to be malnourished. Not just malnourished in my body, but in my soul.

Think of your work, what are your filling your time with? Facebook? Comparison? A million sessions/appointments everyday of the week? Are you NOURISHING your business right now? I know it’s the midst of the busy season, but this is the place where we need it the most. What are you doing to FILL your creativity during this madness? What are you doing to keep it all together?

Think of your everyday life & family, what are you nourished with? Running a million errands and fast food meals? Skipping workouts because you are too tired to get out of bed?  Not getting home till 10 at night and scrambling for the next morning? Now while all of these things aren’t inherently bad, but where is the wholesome family time to REPLENISH? The naps on Sunday afternoon? Home cooked meals? Prancing around in the fall time? Board games? Hot chai and coffee dates?

I know. I bet your bottoms dollar that you don’t have a moment to spare. That our schedules are too stinkin’ crazy. We are definitely full. Our time. Our brains. Our emotions are full.

But full of WHAT? Are we filled with the right things? The things that really matter?

I have been hit with this challenge in my life and in my spiritual walk almost everyday. Goodness I am FULL. But are the things in my schedule, the things that I am watching, the things that I am putting into my body, really nourishing it? Nourishing my soul? Or I am being sucked into things that don’t produce and in reality are leaving me MALNOURISHED. 

For example, right now while I edit I often catch up on shows on Hulu. Now I don’t think there is anything wrong with this, but could I be more nourishing to my soul with a couple sermons or audiobooks on tape instead of a pointless drama. YES. Do I really need to have FB on my phone and spend ye time looking at that instead of the beautiful fall that is here and gone in MN, or even just admiring my hubby? NO. I am so eager to spend time reading on how to do this or that better, but I am not taking that same amount of time to go to the only book that really matters and spend time with the Lord. When the bible clearly states,  Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. -Matthew 4:4 so Gina go and read that word. What a blessing that you have it available to read, freely!?

I want to be challenged to nourish my mind, heart and soul. Even during the busy times. Even when I feel too tired, or don’t think it’s worth it. I don’t want to just go through the motions and “think” that I am nourished, when in turn my life could be so much more full.

I am so excited to head out for our last Making Things Happen Tour in just a short couple of weeks, where we identify what NOURISHES us. What builds and pushes us towards a fulfilling life and satisfying soul. Everytime I walk out of the workshop with a fresh perspective and clearer goals. I am SO grateful to have the chance to share this with others! I am so excited to meet all of you that are coming and if you want in there might be a couple of spots left!

Remember, I know it feels helpless sometimes, but You have the choice.  I encourage each of you to look at each area of your life and make a list of where you generally spend your time. Give me a top five and be honest here. How do you spend your hours during the day? Are you nourishing your business, family and life with activities that are FULL of the good stuff? Or the empty stuff? You are not controlled by your circumstances. You can choose to nourish in the midst of pain, the busy, the trouble and heartbreak. And if you ever want to talk more about it email me or comment and I would love to listen and pray for you.

Let’s get truly nourished y’all. You with me?


11 thoughts on “Malnourished

  1. I love your metaphor!! For me, during this fleeting season of young motherhood, I have let the business go. I let it be my creative outlet and give my kiddies all my patience. I deleted facebook from my phone and allow myself five minutes in the afternoon and five minutes in the evening. My true friends exist beyond fb. Breathing the fresh air on a run. Breathing in the sweet smell of babies, Investing in my hubs. Releasing behind my blog…this is my nourishment. Everything else is second. Took me a long time to learn that. 🙂 Cannot wait to meet you someday. You are a gem. I love the way you think.

  2. I AM SOOOOO WITH YOU…. I have been thinking alot about this… I never know where to start with these types of things. And the list is a good place to start. I too am making some changes and need to make more changes but truly never know where to start. And then I come across your blog posts. You are so inspiring, you provide me motivation and a new perspective on thinking. Maybe you should do some type of Mini Making things happen bootcamp.. Locally?? Just a thought.. I miss seeing your Beautiful face! So blessed to know you and have you in my life. Thank you for inspiring me G. xoxoxo

  3. I really resonate with this. This weekend I realized I needed to cancel a charity event I had launched and decided to coordinate because it was pushing my past my limits of what I could handle and taking away time to get the basics of my life in order so that I could maintain my sanity and peace. I’m right there with you.

  4. I needed this. Thank you for the words of encouragement and inspiration. He is what is most important and I needed your reminder! Thank you! (P.S. I have been admiring your work for awhile now. Can’t wait to see the new design/blog!)

  5. Gina, thank you SO much for writing this post and for your authenticity! Lately, I have been finding myself feeling malnourished and not soaking in the moments I wish I could be living. This is my goal for the fall and winter seasons in hopes that I can slow down, soak in the now moments, and love more on the people who are important in my life! You are the best, Gina!!!

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