Friends, take a peek into the home of the amazing photographer Emily Steffen. This is the newest addition to the Steffen clan Ezekiel. He is such a doll. Honestly I think he should have been the next gerber baby. Goodness gracious he is SOOO cute! I just love Emily’s amazing style and every little detail of her home. Especially jealous of the chalkboard wall and lets be honest, her writing too, because Lord knows if I had a wall I couldn’t stand to look at my goofy chicken scratch. Now take a peek at this adorable little family and say hello to Mr. Zeke! Also brownie points in my book, for this last image as I let the secret out that I am a Packers fan!!! (Well technically a Lambeau fan, but none the less…GO PACK GO!)


  1. lisa

    what a cute little blessing that babe is!! so much love for emily and her family!
    {and i am in LOVE with those owls Em made!}

  2. Jen Martodam

    So adorable!!!! Zeke is such a ham!! Beautiful family, Emily and great job Gina!!

  3. Emily steffen

    Oh Gina!!!!!! Just woke up to these on this thanksgiving morning and I sit here staring at them and just smiling!!!!!! You have captured so much of us in these photos and I love them so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much! The way you captured Aaron as a daddy in these nearly brings me to tears! You are wonderful and I am so thankful!!!!!!!!!!! Love you friend!!

  4. Dani

    Love this cute family and sweet little Zeke! Beautiful pictures!

  5. Kate

    I love how calm and secure he looks in the first frame. It seems as though he’s thinking, “Don’t worry World, I’ve got this”. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful family! Also, those rich colors are awesome! The perfect post for Fall.

  6. Victoria Derrick

    PRECIOUS! And those owl pillows <3