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Baby Blur

One minute they are in………

Then the next they are out. (My Project Runway lovers will get me here)

I call this the Baby Blur. While Matt and I haven’t had the chance to experience this yet. I see it often and I think it’s SO. UNBELIVEABLY. BEAUTIFUL. How in a matter of moments my clients become parents. (To my pregnant mommas, know I am not equating the 9-10 months of carrying your baby to minutes…. just reffering to those last moments/days before your babe is born) These new parents feel love they have never felt before and their lives and hearts are changed. They leave the hospital with their new heart in a little car seat. While none of us are perfect or experts, here it starts. Even when parents are welcoming the next one, many times mothers mention/wonder if they will have enough love for both the new baby and their babies now. Then the beauty happens again and its as if another part of their hearts are opened or has grown.  It’s such a gift to be a part of this baby blur, those first weeks home from the hospital, to capture each of these snuggly moments. Don’t worry we get our share of laughs with baby blowouts and hungry screams too. But each of these sessions are filled moments of peace, grace and stillness. They are a gift.

So grateful to be going into this Christmas and the New Year celebrating the birth of so many little ones and the crazy yet beautiful Baby Blur.


  1. Liz

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! The one where she is smiling? Beautiful!! Have no idea how you do that Gina, but keep doing it!! 🙂

  2. April

    What a beautiful baby and family! and I LOVE her nursery, how cute!

  3. Victoria Derrick

    Have I told you lately how exceptionally talented you are…
    Such an adorable family, well done G!!!

  4. Jen

    These images are STUNNING! What an amazing gift you have capturing these sweet moments, GIna. The photo where baby is giving a smirk is perfection… Simply beautiful.

  5. amber fischer

    That nursery is gorgeous! I just had my third(!) baby (and my oldest is 3), and I agree – it is a blur. A crazy, fun, beautiful, sacred blur.

  6. Lida

    Oh Gina – these images are JUST AMAZING!