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February 7, 2013
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Hey y’all. I am reposting my post from the official MTH blog. Cause these words are exactly where my heart is. PS. I am SO pumped about these speakers, it’s going to be such a beautiful addition for you to hear the stories first hand on how Making Things Happen has shaped their hearts and businesses!

I have been asked these questions numerous times about MTH2013 :: What is Making Things Happen all about? Is it right for me? Do we focus on business? Is it going to help my business?

My answer ALWAYS is the Making Things Happen Conference is all about getting to your core of what matters and motivates you.  Why you do what you do. Which I think is the base of everyone’s business.

It’s where it all starts.

In my book, this is the pivotal point to grow your business from. Start from the heart, your core, your REAL life. Then build from here.

The problem is everyday we are distracted by the busy of life. Running a business, being a parent, email after email, deadlines, etc. RARELY do we give ourselves a day with no distractions. A day with others just like you and Lara,Emily and I calling your heart to the table. Your real fear to the table.

Give yourself this gift and attend the Making Things Happen Conference.

With this new format, you get double the goods! Day one will be cutting through the cobwebs of why you do what you do. Refreshing your heart and setting your mind on what matters. Day two is chock full of awesomeness and steps to learn about your brand and business.

So it’s up to you. None of us can (nor want) to convince you to come. Don’t get me wrong, we want you there. I want you there. I want you to give yourself this gift more than anything. But now It’s your turn. The ball is in your court. Are you worth it? Is the base of where your life springs from worth it? Do you NEED this?

If your answer is yes. Get over here and register while the Early Bird Rate is still available (only until 2/14).

If your answer is no, maybe, or I don’t know. At least get over to Lara’s blog and comment to get a chance at the scholarship. Write your heart out there. It will be good for you. You only have till MONDAY the 11th for a chance to win. Why not? What do you have to lose.

As always, you can ask me more questions by sending me an email. But most of my MTH story is here.  Happy Weekend y’all.

Gina Zeidler


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