It’s Here! The New Gina Zeidler Brand

May 8, 2013
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I can’t believe this day is finally finally here! I am so excited to share this beautiful new brand and website with you. It’s been in the making for months now and I am so grateful for the amazing professionals that I call friends who have made this happen! Thank you so much Ross, Alina, Sasha, Dmitri at Flosites. Thank you for your expertise and just pure awesomeness. You brought this site and brand to life! Lara & Emily thank you for listening to me laugh, cry and dance through this project. Also, helping me with the look of this brand and all the print pieces! I am so lucky to have you and the collaboration of you two and Flosites couldn’t have been a bigger blessing.


So, welcome y’all! I am so glad you are here. Take a peek around and make sure to enter for one of the amazing giveaways!

Because I want to share the excitement and love these are the fun gifts I will be giving away! I hand picked some of my FAVORITE THINGS!

1. The amazing Lara Casey Powersheets! 2. A beautiful gold comb; perfect for beachy waves or a mermaid made by Carlee Sizemore. 3. The Power of Starting Something Stupid by Richie Norton. 4. $100 gift card to JCrew (um I want to win my own giveaway?) 5. Emily Ley’s Great Day Notes and a NEW surprise print from her shop. 6. $50 Etsy Gift Card. 7. $50 Amazon Gift Card 8. 2 $20 Starbucks Gift Cards


To enter, leave a comment (*required) and then do one (or all) of the following tasks. Every task counts as an entry (6 possible chances to win!)


-Like my facebook page and “share” the giveaway photo to your personal or business page. 

-Spread the word about the #gzlaunch on social media and link back to my site or this post

-Blog about the new site/shop
-Instagram. Screenshot the new blog and announce it to your instagram followers! (include @ginazeidler)
-Pin this post or anything on this site!
-Leave a comment here with your favorite part of my new brand and make sure to mention about any other links or tasks you finished


The winners will be announced on Friday, May24th!


Again you can enter as many times as you like. Just be sure to leave comments here with your entries! Note: All prizes will be drawn separately, it’s not a package deal, so there are 9 items to win!! YEA!



231 thoughts on “It’s Here! The New Gina Zeidler Brand

  1. G!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m dying over this site, I have literally stalked every single inch of it and I’m in love. You are so real and authentic and amazing and I’m just so proud to say that I have met you and experienced your amazingness in person.
    You’re killin’ it, G, never stop.

  2. Gina – your new website is AMAZING!! I am in awe – it’s fun and quirky and gorgeous! It’s so YOU! Congratulations! All of your hard work has most definitely paid off. You should be so very proud!

  3. this is 1000% more YOU darling. Every bit of it. Bold, without being too loud, charismatic, beautiful but not pretentious. It’s absolutely perfect and as a woman obsessed with Gold Glitter, I love the little touches of it ! Congrats darling! And though I hare the most horrible luck when it comes to winning – anything really – I’d absolutely love to win something from your gracious giveaway. (The power of something stupid is in my amazon cart, and I’m OBSESSED with Etsy and J.Crew. 🙂 LOVE you. Congrats!

  4. Girl. This is a site to behold. I love it. Totally worth all your sweat & tears!! And my favorite part is seeing my 2 littles handing out there. So much love to you. Success well deserved!!!!!

  5. So happy for you Gina! The new site is amazing! Looove “bananas!” It was the first link I clicked! Awesomesauce giveaway too!!!

  6. Gina!!!!!!!!!!! My eyeballs are glued to this site. It’s amazing…I love it so much. Inspiring me to get my own website done. Love the honesty and love you!

  7. Gina, I can clearly see how much thought you have put into what images go where (and they’re all amazing). That truly stands out to me. That and it includes everything that we all know you are so passionate about. This is absolutely YOU – in your totally unique and gorgeous way. Congrats!! This is just the beginning of some amazing life moments for you . .. .

  8. Lovely lovely lovely!!! It’s all so perfect, and I’m excited for you, Gina! As for the contest, I 1) Have liked your page forever 🙂 2) Shared on my personal page 3) Instagrammed the screenshot 4) Pinned away!

  9. It is beautiful, just as I knew it would be. Amazing work G! Gorgeous, gorgeous site that just screams YOU in every way, shape, and color. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Way to go!

    I entered via pinterest, liked your page on facebook, and tweeted!

  10. Congrats Gina on an awesome new branding journey! Everything looks amazing! I’m a bit partial to chevron so I love everything chevron that you’ve added! I’ve been wanting to blog more on my website and just posted a second consecutive blog today! Baby steps!

  11. I always love perusing through your photo shoots! Your unbelievable talent never ceases to amaze me, Gina! Congrats on the new brand… it’s so fun and fresh and it totally suits you! 🙂

  12. Wahoooo!!! Congrats!! This is PERFECT! It’s branded so well: clean, simple, fun and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bananas Page…so fun and clever! Keep doing what your doing. I’ll post on my blog and pin with my large followers as well! Big hugs!! xoxoxo

  13. LOVE this, Gina!! You must be so proud 🙂 Can’t wait to see what’s ahead for you! I shared your Facebook post and pinned your new site! I like your About page because I love how much you share and can relate to your heart!

  14. I have been waiting for this for MONTHS I am so excited for you!! I am going to share your site every way listed plus anything else I can think of! Your work is AMAZING and everyone should experience at least one photo session with your amazingness!

  15. your bananas page is spectacular!!! i hope every one of those dreams becomes a reality for you! thank you for sharing your heart with the world… you are one beautiful spirit!

  16. This all looks so amazing! My favorite is the BANANAS page. What a great idea, and I can’t wait to see you check all those goals off your list 🙂 I also pinned your new branding.

  17. This is gorgeous!!! I don’t know you personally, but after following your blog for sometime now I can totally tell that this brand fits your personality perfectly!! Just stunning. The color scheme is amazing!!

  18. Gina, Gina, Gina.

    This is gorgeous! My little heart is bursting, as I’m beyond ecstatic for you and your work and all that’s in front of you. xo!

  19. Gina, I love your new site!! Now the bananas tease from MTH makes sense. That is probably one of my favorite pages! Your heart definitely comes through in each page! Congratulations!

  20. Gina! Your big and beautiful heart is on every single page of this new site. I am so lucky to have seen you on this journey of launching your new brand and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you. Love you!

  21. YESSSS!!! I love it, and I love you! My heart is so happy for you today! Happy dancing in my boot for you over here in Oregon! My favorite part of the new brand is how it is so YOU. And I love the Bananas section. Love it.

    Okay, here’s the rundown.
    I liked your page on fb (how has that not happened before now??), shared the link on my facebook, instagrammed this gem, and am pinning away.

  22. Forgot to give the tasks completed:
    -Facebook shared
    -Pinned 🙂

  23. Gina I LOVE your new site!! I’ve been looking forward to seeing how it turned out since you gave us a sneak peak in your webinar and I must say it’s amazing- it totally captures you and your brand words (just like you taught us !) I’m SO excited for you!!
    ps, your about me page is my fav- oh and bananas! what a WONDERFUL idea- I LOVE IT!!

  24. Gina. Girl. This is PHENOMENAL! The gorgeous attention to detail and the STUNNING images everywhere – it is a feast for the eyes and the heart! Congrats sweet friend! [Of course I shared of FB, liked, posted, pinned, tweeted, IG’d…the works! haha]

  25. The color pallet is amazing. Love the chevron use 🙂 Congrats on a new begining and best of luck.

  26. Talk about a smack in the face of pure beauty! Seriously though, love every bit of this! One of my very favorite parts though, Your about page and all the “keepin it real” videos. Bananas is pretty genius as well.

    I liked you already on Facebook plus shared the post there.
    I Instagrammed the post.
    Tweeted the link
    Pinned the goodness

    Ah! So much love to you, sweet Gina!!!!

  27. I love love LOVE the site!! More than ever I want you to be my mentor! Can’t wait to see all the other beautiful things as I explore the site!

    So far my favorite part of the new site is “Bananas!” It is SO YOU, at least the you I know of you from MTH & our emails! I LOVE it! (And I totally want to shoot in Australia as well!)

    posted & tagged on IG

    pinned the giveaway photo (and you know I’ll be a pinnin fool on these awesome images!

    Posting on the blog. right. away.

    Posted this and the giveaway on Tumblr! Woo-Hoo!

  28. I love this. It is so you, so beautiful and full of heart!! Adore every single bit. WOOHOO, dance party (and you know I don’t have those for just anything!!)!!!

  29. And finally, just pinned your beautiful images to Pinterest! Love the new look, Gina. It’s truly reflective of your beautiful soul and incredible talent. Congrats again!

  30. Gina, I am so happy for you! Your beautiful sweet heart and loving spirit just shine here. I pray your joy increases even more in the years to come. Love and hugs, Lara

  31. G!!!! Ohmyfreakinggoodness!! It’s super beautiful + so you 🙂 DUH. That’s why it’s beautiful! I’m so happy for you + can’t wait to see what things you check off of your banana’s list. Love you + thank you for being such an amazing mentor for me. Your honesty towards me has blessed me beyond compare! Let’s meet up sometime. xoxo

  32. Gina, this looks so great! You can tell how much hard work you put into it. It represents you so well! The bananas section is pretty fantastic, but my favorite part is the mentoring. So often people over look taking the time to invest in others. And you have not overlooked that. I’m thankful that their are artists and photographers out there that take the time to put into others..

    I pinned, liked on facebook, instagrammed and tweeted.


  33. OK, I am so happy to know what the Bananas page is all about now! You’ve kept us in suspense! And I LOVE it. It’s probably my favorite part of an all-over incredible site and brand. I love everything you wrote–it truly speaks your heart. Congratulations!!

  34. Congratulations Gina! The new site looks amazing! You, Lara & Emily have been such an inspiration to me since I met you ladies back in Las Vegas a few years ago at MTH and I just want to say thank you for continuing to inspire those around you!

    I also tweeted & pin your beautiful new brand : )

  35. HUGE congratulations. This site is awesome. You are beautiful and this site is just oozing with your kindness and how much you love on people. Congratulations on such a big day!!!!

  36. It is just plain and simple beautiful and airy and lovely and fabulous and even a bit zesty.

  37. Gina, LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about your new site!!! It is SOO you! Amazing. Your work is amazing, your spriti is amazing. 🙂

  38. G! I love the new site! It’s so beautiful and totally you. And it is so user friendly and easy to navigate. Congrats! XOXO

  39. So, I really did love your old site but THIS ONE? I mean, really REALLY amazing! It sort of – absolutely kind – of makes me LONG to re-do mine! 🙂

    I shared and tweeted! YAY !!!!!

  40. Gina, this is so gorge I can’t even explain how beautiful your photography is. The new site is so bright and cheerful I love the bananas page, what a wonderful way to display your goals and bucket list! I shared on facebook, posted a link on Facebook and pinned on pinteredt…keep doing exactly what u do, so happy for you!
    Kendall (Ross) Duerr

  41. Wow wow wow! It’s just gorgeous, and I could not love the color palette more! I am so honored to have heard your story at MTH ATL (2012) and to know you. You are such a beautiful soul, and that is so accurately represented in your new brand! xoxo.

  42. Gina, this is so very exciting and wonderful!! Happy for you is an understatement 🙂 Way to go!! The hard work shows through. Love how deep you can go into getting to know you – I’m pretty sure I explored everything possible and I’m so proud of you putting it all out there! The Bananas page is my favorite as well. Spreading the word through Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest 🙂 You go girl!!!

  43. “liked” you and shared on facebook, twitter, and instagram!! and i serriously love it ALL!! (far to difficult to pick a “favorite” part lol) but i do love the bananna’s page ;p

    my dream to have you mentor me one day!!

    so much love friend!!

  44. I love to follow your work !! Your new site is awesome!! You are gifted. . I love that you give all your thanks & praise to GOD!! I really love your testimony & think its really cool you added it to you site. . Love all your photos too 🙂 Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us!!!

  45. shared on my facebook, and pinned the giveaway photo. 🙂

    i don’t remember how, but i found my way here this morning and was instantly in LOVE with the layout of your site. honestly, everything — the colors, the accents, the neatness of it all. amazing work.

  46. Love the new site Gina! The color combos are fantastic! I always love checking out all your latest photo shoots! You are so talented! Congrats!!! 🙂

    Got you reported on FB and Instagram 🙂

  47. Wow, wow, and WOW. So thrilled for you in this exciting new step – it’s beyond gorgeous! Thanks for being willing to do the hard work and share your life with so many people around you. Love and hugs!!!

  48. Lovely and so cute Gina! I can see YOU infused all through it and I only met you a short while at J&M’s workshop! Blessings to new beginnings and rad new branding 😉

  49. G!!!! This site captures your character so beautifully, and reading your bananas page gave me chills. You are already amazing, but I know there are even bigger things in store for you. Your authenticity is so refreshing, and I am so thrilled to know you and be inspired by your work more and more! I would obviously love to win any of your prizes, but I really just want you to know that you are loved. Hugs!

  50. The re-brand is awesome! I will share the news everywhere I can! You have done such great things Gine!!

  51. It looks AWESOME!!! Congrats on all your hard work put into the site. All your blood, sweat and tears paid off. I pray the Lord’s continued blessing on your business as well as your family. You are an inspiration to the photo community, as well as to the world. Continue living out what God has placed on your heart. He is using you in big ways!! Much love to you!!

  52. Congratulations Gina! Your new site is so beautiful! Taking a wild chance at the giveaway as well : ) I shared the post on Facebook, pinned it, and am (obviously) commenting here! In terms of appearance, my favorite part about the site is the colors. I have always been a “the more color and the brighter it is the better” kind of gal, so I am in love with your choices! It makes everything pop while not overpowering the images you have with the different links. My favorite page though on your site would be your testimony. There are lots of things that are very similar to my own story actually, and loved reading it!

  53. Gina- you’re such an inspiration. What a beautiful site and story. Your giving heart is so clearly evident in your work and it’s great to see it come to fruition here for your business.

  54. Tweeted!

    Oh & my favorite part of your new site is the bananas page. What a fun, fantastic, giving bucket list you have! I hope you satisfy that list & then create a new one, etc. Beautiful.

  55. Gina! Your site looks absolutely amazing! It is so beautiful I can’t even stand it! I’m so happy for you and love how well the new site depicts your sweet, funny, free nature. I love it so much!

  56. Seriously cannot stop drooling over your new brand! Gina, you are SO DARN INCREDIBLE! Thankful for you beyond words! This is so YOU & it is so encouraging to watch you soar! Go girl go!

  57. Oh my goodness. This website is beyond anything I could ever dream of for your work! It is just so you and it screams the feeling behind your images!

    Fingers crossed, the 24th is my birthday and that winning would be such an amazing treat!

  58. My favorite part of your new brand… hmm, honest to goodness I could pick one favorite part, everything is so lovely! If I *had* to choose I would say I adore the colors and fonts you chose, just spectacular!

  59. Oh beautiful girl… I LOVE this. Because it’s you. And you’d better believe I love you. So thrilled to see this. I’ve already pinned and shared via twitter and I would absolutely share via facebook and such, but alas – I’m taking a month off and though you are worth it – my soul needs to stay off. Praying for you and so much joy.

  60. Beautiful new site! Congratulations 🙂 I love all of your tabs on the size – easy to click when looking for inspiration.

  61. I am so excited for you! You are such an amazing artist – thank you for making the world a more beautiful place!

  62. Wahoooooooo!!!! Congrats on such an incredible and awesome change in your biz!!!’ This new we presence is screaming you and I know the time, sweat and tears into this! Gina, this is just awesome!!!!!!!!!! So proud and excited for you! 🙂 yay and high fives!!!!

  63. Gina, many congrats on the new website! It’s beautiful, modern, easy to navigate, and really colorful and pretty. It’s so professional looking, but also really comforting and well put together. Love it!

  64. By far my favorite part of this new site is your ‘Bananas’ page. I think it’s daring and exciting to post so publicly a vision you have for your career and life. You also managed to do it in such a visually compelling way – it spoke to me so fully. Beautiful work Gina, I couldn’t help but pin quite a few of the new things from your site, before I even found out there was a contest!

  65. Gina – the new site is just…well, it’s beautiful and inspiring and gut wrenching and real. But I am a goofball at heart. And I have lost that ability to be goofy, given the events of my life over the last 15 months. So – my fav part is the dance party and watching you get your groove on, with your sweet pup :):) I wish I could afford to bring you to Baltimore for a fun shoot. Maybe one day…..all my best 🙂

  66. Beautiful work Gina! Love your making things happen post. I have a similar list! : ) You have also inspired me to rework my current logo. Thanks for this post and thanks for the chance to win some great prizes. Have a great day!

  67. Gina– I love your website! It’s so visual! My favorite part is the blog layout. Where that style won’t work for many websites– for a photographer– IT’S AWESOME!! Smart, smart choices ladies. Love it!

  68. Gina…this is stunning and I see YOU in every square inch! I’ve so loved getting to know you and seeing the amazing things the Lord is doing in your midst…you are an incredible inspiration to me:)

    I liked fb, tweeted, pinned…

  69. Gina. You are an INSPIRATION! God has truly given you a gift to share and empower others in their life…. way to FOLLOW Him! This new blog/website is beautiful and you have absolutely encouraged me! Bless you as you continue your journey! xoxo

  70. I love looking through these pics! I just disovered your business about a month ago, but I am in love with your heart and your eye to capture the beautiful moments in life. Now, I’m off to try to win some of the FANTABULOUS goodies!


  71. Gina, your site is lovely! I love the color palette, and the pictures, and pretty much everything. I have never been to your site, but it is so fun following you on Instagram. You are such an inspiration to me.

  72. Congrats on your new website!!! 🙂 I did 5 out of the 6 things..
    I liked your page on fb, spread the word through twitter, instagramed, pinned, and my favorite thing about your new site is your about me page! I love all of the different boxes and videos that show who you are!

  73. I love your blog! My favorite part is the wedding photography!
    I have…
    -liked and shared on Facebook
    -posted on Instagram

  74. I love the visual grid layout! Easy on the eye and impactful.

    I’ve pinned your post/blog onto my board regarding the contest!

  75. I loved reading your testimony! You are so inspirational!
    I liked and shared the giveaway photo on Facebook, tweeted, announced on Instagram, and pinned your site.

  76. Love everything about the new brand! It’s so YOU! My favorite thing is the color palette. It reminds me of the beach and sunsets:-). Very proud of you!

  77. Love your blog! Love your Instagram! You inspired me to do a social media free week & I have loved it!!

  78. My favorite part of your relaunch is the color scheme and the fact that it’s so bright and clean! Love the zigzags, too! 🙂 I pinned the post, and shared on Instagram!

  79. Beautiful new site! I think my favorite thing on here is your blog. I love getting to know you, even though we have never met, but I feel like you are a woman who loves to inspire people and be inspired yourself. Thank you for sharing yourself with us! I have posted and liked you FB page, I tweeted about it, shared on instagram and pinterest. Thanks!

  80. Gina, your website and photography is so so inspirational. thank you for your example of someone who works hard, loves what they do, and does it for God.

  81. So over the moon for you and this beautiful internet home that seems to suit you so perfectly! I can’t wait to ohh and ahh at it every time I return to read a new blog post 🙂 All my best to you and the wonderful road ahead!

  82. I love the open and airy feeling! I shared on Facebook, and like your site on Facebook, and pinned on Pinterest!

  83. Love following you and your amazing work. So glad to have your talent and inspiration in my life. I shared on the FB and Pinterest! xo I wish only great things for your and yours.

  84. There is so much to dive into on your new site!! I love every little page, and seeing your pretty face and dance parties! Miss you lady, so proud of this amazing brand that represents YOU so incredibly well!!!

  85. Love your new site!! I love following your blog and work 🙂
    I liked on fb, instagramed, tweeted for social media shout out, pinned, and my favorite thing about the new site is def the bananas tab!!! 🙂

  86. I love your new design Gina!! The whole site is gorgeous! I liked your fb page and shared your site and my favorite thing about your new site is how easily everything is accessed! I love when scrolling around I find it so easy to see all of your photos and also how you’ve really shown in creative ways who you are as a person. I feel like I know you! 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway!

  87. G! So you know me and jcrew. I gotta have this gift card! I liked your page, I shared your page, I tweeted, I ‘grammed, I (didn’t) blog, I pinned, and now I’m commenting! I’m so glad this motivated me to spread the word about your AMAZE new brand 🙂 So proud of you for making this happen!

  88. Oh; and my favorite part of your new brand is how it is so genuinely you. It just oozes you. It makes me so happy 🙂

  89. Great site! Love the colors, layout, and beautiful pictures! I already shared it and liked your Facebook page. Can’t wait to tell my friends about it!

  90. I would kill for this new branding. No really, watch out because this is FRESH! I love the “G” with the pattern, best part.

  91. Gina, I love how much your heart shines through the site. Your voice, authentic, and full of emotion comes across beautifully. You are a gift to others 🙂 One of my favorite pieces aside from your About page is the Bananas page!! To see your dreams and aspirations, as well as your giving gestures through prayers and photos is so uplifting to see.

    I also pinned a piece to my personal board…
    Thanks, Gina!!

  92. your site looks absolutely lovely – brava :).

    i sure hope i win! i liked your page & shared the photo, tweeted (@BlytheWhitney), blogged about you (, and pinned this page onto my board “Wishful Thinking” :).

  93. Loving this site, especially the COLORS! They combine, in one place, the inspiration behind my June 2014 wedding, so many thanks! Congrats!

  94. This is beautiful! I love how authentic it all is … you’ve totally inspired me to redesign my own site!

  95. You continue to amaze me, both as an artist and as a person. The page is fun and sassy, and most importantly, easy to navigate. You have a true gift of love that comes through your work, I can’t even explain it. Thank you for continuing to share your life, love and passion. As I always say, I’m truly blessed to know you.

  96. Gina this site looks amazing. I am just now getting to it. Amazing. Totally you! I love the new “g” and the layout. But most of all I love your passion for life!! You could have an ugly site and still move people w your words.

  97. Congrats Gina! Everything looks FABULOUS! So happy for this new chapter and that you are back on both feet and legs 🙂 Hope all is well!

  98. This is so amazing and generous! You are a huge inspiration to me, a budding photographer. What an awesome giveaway! I can’t get over the awesome new website! So sparkly and perfect! Thanks!!

  99. I love love love it!
    Gina – so happy for you. The palette is perfect and I love how your personality shines through in so many parts of the site!

    I love every bit of it. I have entered via comment, IG, Facebook and am taking advantage of that #gzlaunch hashtag! Love you! Go Gina!

  101. Love the new site! Can’t wait to have you to the house again for a session. I’m thinking a family waterski shoot! 🙂

  102. I am so very proud of you Gina! You are amazing and beautiful in so many ways. You continue to inspire, encourage an uplift those around you. You work hard and dream big and help others to dream big too. Your new brand and site is a true reflection of you! Congratulations my friend! Love you Gina! Amanda

  103. Congrats on the new look Gina! I came across your blog through Emily and Lara and I have loved seeing the beauty you capture in life!
    For entries: I liked and shared on Facebook as well as pinned to my MTH2013 Pinterest board with a gzlaunch tag 🙂
    I love how your images capture the true happiness and love in the lives of so many. My favorite part of your site is the “Bananas” page. It’s so awesome that you are putting yourself out there, goals and desires of your heart, for everyone to see and be inspired by.
    Hopefully someday we can venture to Mpls and get some of our very own Gina photos!

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