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Stop me.

Oh my, this image just stopped me in my tracks. I literally jumped off my office chair and did a happy dance. In a world where we are all our own worst critics, let’s all find something today to be joyful about. Something that will fill your soul. Create it. A photo, a text to an old friend, running through a sprinkler, laughing really loud! Or possibly reminisce through older images of your family, make your favorite childhood meal. Whatever it is. Let’s challenge ourselves to do the little things with joy, no matter our circumstances. I promise to try my heart out to do the same. 

  1. Mary

    BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. LIZ

    Light, creamy, subtle, simple. Love. It!!!!

  3. Erin

    I love your words. I love your heart! I love this image and my two loves in it! This brings me great joy today!

  4. Brittani Croft

    Wow Gina. This image stops me in my tracks as well. The color, the emotion, the light…it totally sucks me in. Absolutely gorgeous, and so inspiring. I am constantly amazed at your gift 🙂

  5. Julie S.

    Blown AWAY. So inspired by you!

  6. Diane Taylor

    OMG it is just beautiful. The look on their faces says it all. Have a WONDERFUL fun filled weekend doing whatever your heart desires, Gina!