So this is what happens when I get a bunch of film back from the lab over the weekend! A couple of peeks this week into my personal work. As a creative, it is always a struggle to keep things fresh and to push yourself. It’s the only way to grow right? Lately, I have been dabbling in film, to push myself a bit. Here is some 35mm of the BEAUTIFUL Megan.

Come back later this week and I will also share a couple of medium format images of this Lady in Red. PS. if you are in need of these type of lifestyle images I would love to keep you as a possibility on my test shoot on-call list! Email me up.    Canon 1V | Fuji 400H


  1. kimberly oyler

    can i be on the test shoot list even though i live hours and hours away? 🙂 love your work.

  2. Poly

    These are STUNNING Gina!

  3. tasha

    Love these ladies (both in front of and behind the camera)! Simply gorgeous!!

  4. Mackenzie

    GINA! Good gracious, these are breathtaking!!! Dying over the light and creaminess, and her eyes are gorgeous!

  5. Amanda Porter

    UMM PICK ME?! i’m OBSESSED and these are breathtaking! I’ll come to Chapel Hill when you are here for MTH ;p

  6. Emily Steffen

    THAT jumping pic…..I die! 🙂 Amazing Gina! Be encouraged about your amazing talents! 🙂

  7. Natasha

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I lived closer so I could be on your test shoot on-call list. Alas, if you find yourself in NC I’d love to participate. =) *hugs*

  8. Megan McCarty

    How lucky am I? I’m radiating with joy, both from these photos and from having you, Gina, in my life. (Emily and Tasha, I love you two too!)