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Family Time

Family time. A phrase that to me, means all things crazy and beautiful all at the same time. Family photos in my mind should be a representation of what “family time” means to your own family at that stage in life. So your boys don’t sit still? Awesome. Let’s run or go on an adventure. In the mood for wrestling? Let’s do it! Let’s really capture your family. Capturing who your family is right now.These are the images that will burn in your child’s mind when they look back these images year later. That big tickle. Those nummy skittles you used to get them to smile. Going on an adventure.


Let’s capture this kind of Family Time during your session. Ok? Ok!


Honestly, this little family fills my soul to the brim! Check out their amazing life and mission in Africa and if you love coffee like my husband does you are in for a treat!! Lastly, if you want to swoon over some STUNNING images…… Check out Kristi’s work. I drool every time I open her stuff! PS. Read all about a day in their life over here! Seriously inspiring. 

  1. Amanda Porter

    G i know i say this every time you post pics but OMGOSH THESE ARE STUNNING!! your work seriously fires me up 😀

  2. Hannah Nicole

    SOOOO great, Gina!

  3. Faith

    Sooooo GOOD! 🙂

  4. Mackenzie

    Seriously fanstinkingtastic Gina! Such a beautiful family!

  5. Diane Taylor

    Gina – these are FANTASTIC!!! What a beautiful family :):)

  6. Julia Mary

    In love with this entire session 🙂