Nursery Lessons

January 5, 2015
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Often these days, I am hustling back to the house after errands or a client meeting to feed the baby. I find myself slowly peeling off and littering our hallway with the 800 layers that you need to wear in Minnesota, in preparation to nurse Mr. Cal in his nursery. I am one of those girls that doesn’t like to wear jewelry or real clothes at home. Who am I kidding I don’t like to wear anything that has the word “under” in it at home. Let’s just call it living free?!

The chairside table often gets filled with layers of jewelry, hair binders, and anything else that I wear out that could be distracting so that we can focus on nursing. (hence the blanket  you see in the photo below over my mirror, another distraction.)

Last week I found myself appreciating the little messy pile next to our nursing chair. It’s such a good representation of any close relationship. For me it mirrors how I want to approach God. I want to drop all the layers, all the extra stuff and get close. Skin to skin with the Lord and hear him speak. This might sound racy to you, but think of the people in your life you have spent skin to skin with? Your husband, your new baby, your family, sunny weekends at the lake with friends.It’s the those that you keep close to your heart.

It’s so incredibly easy for me to have my mind cluttered with three million things as I go to pray or meet with my Father in heaven.I want to continue to take the experience and the example of nursing my little man to help me mirror how I want to come to quiet time (even if it’s a couple minutes which it often is being a new mom) SLOW down and take off each layer.

Ask for help from the Holy Spirit to table that to-do list, or work and truly tune in and honor the Lord with my attention. I think 2015 is going to be a whole bunch of learning for this girl. It’s definitely not my usual cup of tea to slow down, gleen and be quiet. But to be honest, I am excited (and a teeny bit freaked out) of what the Lord has for us this year.

And of course I have to spice up this post with a baby giggle shot.

11 thoughts on “Nursery Lessons

  1. Absolutely love this. I don’t have a kid but I can relate to releasing everything (all the clutter) and like you said, ‘truly honor the Lord with my attention.’ It’s hard but so worth it; how I imagine nursing would be. My hope is to do less in the new year so that there’s less in the way of seeing and experiencing Him. Cal is the most adorable little man ever!

    1. Totally don’t need to be a mamma to relate. Just need to know how to unlayer all your clothing quickly when you get home! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH. I love you Sara! Much LOVE!!!!!!

  2. Cal is just THE cutest baby!! Enjoy the slowing down and being quiet – because I imagine he’s about to get mobile in a big way 🙂

    1. Thanks girl!!! I am half excited and half freaked to have him moving! It’s an arm workout to hold the 20pd dude! Love you!!!!!

  3. I LOVE this analogy. Don’t we all need to get a little better at carving out time and being more intentional about getting skin-to-skin with the Lord. So good to know I’m not the only one who struggles with that!

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