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Mom and Me | Week 1

I am taking my time to really breathe in and set goals this year, despite my entire body that aches with anxiety saying hurry up and just make them already. I truly trying to let them simmer and work through the Powersheets at ease and letting the Lord lead the brainstorming. It was a blessing to read this post by Jess Connolly and really be encouraged to think about my goals at first in themes! It’s helped me so much to let theses themes slowly appearing.  It’s so counter intuitive  what the world is preaching (hurry up and post your goals already) but it just feels right for me now. So more to come on my goals for 2015 soon (and a giveaway for Lara’s new amazing book) For accountability, I would like to have them done and a goal post up for you by the 15th of Jan! So excited to share my goals this year! Have been super inspired by sweet Nancy and Emily sharing theirs the last years!


I goes without saying that a big theme for me in 2015 is Motherhood and just how to just be in it. To learn it. To not always try to figure every piece out and onto the next thing. Thinking about that as a goal and what kind of mom I want to be. This idea came up.  I have just haven’t had the chance besides monthly to take REAL photos of my son with the big camera. I am totally at peace with how 2014 went down (with that as I was barely surviving due to extreme sleep deprivation)  and the iPhone images I capture easy and still images. But I want to have depth to his lifetime images, create, and be inspired at home. I want Cal to see me in these moments even if it’s just my feet somedays, I want to grab a snippet of our days.  So I am going to give a 52 week photo challenge a try and call it mom and me and include some piece of Cal and I each week. Maybe it will be one photo or more, who knows. I am trying to leave it open and easy. Here goes week one! This was last week. Week 2 later this week!


  1. Glen

    This is so wonderful and you are so amazing!!!

  2. Liz

    He’s always such a well dressed little man! That’s an awesome project that I know he will love having many years from now!

    • Gina

      Girl we LIVE in our pjs 🙂 Hanna Andersoon (sp?) all the way!!

  3. Jessica

    I love this idea and may have to borrow it! Until this week, I’ve only taken photos of Ezra with my camera for his monthly photos. I want more of the everyday. The regular stuff. The mundane. 🙂

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  5. Julie S.

    These are beautiful! Can’t wait to see how your year unfolds, friend!

    • Gina

      Thanks girl! I am so excited! Praying I can stay faithful for the weeks!!

  6. Erika

    Great weekly mama goal, Gina. I have stuck to at least one set of images a month (3 years old now!). You will cherish them ALL.

    • Gina

      3 years! You are amazing! I hope to be as good as that with this project! Much LOVE!

  7. Ashley

    I love the idea! Can’t wait to see how this unfolds! Good luck 🙂