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Mom and Me | Week 3

Highlights of this week.

-No nap Thursday (which is when most of these were taken) the little man was crazy full of energy and decided naps were lame.

-Santa Diapers for days!! We probably will be in them till Christmas, I bought so many at 9 cents a piece!

-The remote picture is hilarious. We try to limit screen time (unless it’s no nap day then mommy need a Jimmy Fallon break) but I changed the laundry over and I come out to my baby away from every toy, but have my phone, the remote and his teething tablets all in his reach. Oh boy we are in for it!

-Speaking of in for it. This week has started the LUNGING towards things and wanting all the things not toys. Wrappers, blue stability ball, the water bottles…..I am almost laughing at how this kid throws his body at things he wants.

-Godzilla baby playmat time. Cal doesn’t want to sit or lay, he wants to swing off of it while standing. HA.

-Also figured out how to jump in the jumper.

-LOVES the camera, laughs everytime it comes out. I wonder how long that will last! 🙂


  1. Kyla Fetzner

    He is so cute!!

  2. Glen

    There is no better way to start my shift at work today than seeing and reading this! Gina, you are incredible! I can’t wait for Clark and Cal to meet!!

    • Gina

      You rock GLEN! Can’t wait for them to meet either and YES for you and your shift! So proud of you!