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Mom and Me | Week 4

Lots of no napping and middle of the night play times because we now have two bottom teeth poking out! #sleepcomeback!!!

We are 28 weeks this week.

Mr wants to crawl so badly!

Did great with a trip in the car this week, such an improvement since he was little.

Hates tylenol! Loves being nakey and screens (uh oh) and still loves mommies camera!


  1. Liz

    Curt just walked in and saw the pics and said, “Wow! He looks like Gina!” 🙂 He also looks like a sweet little boy who loves having fun with his mama and doesn’t like to nap because he doesn’t want to miss a second of it 🙂

    • Gina

      Ha. right now he is in more of a Gina phase! 🙂 LOVE YOU.

  2. Jessica Thornton

    G, he is just absolutely PRECIOUS!!!! Love these posts.

  3. Jackie

    Love this blog series! What lens do you use to capture the images?

    • Gina

      Thanks Jackie!!! WHOOP!! I am using the 16-35mm 2.8! I never really used it until now, perfect for us.

  4. Victoria Derrick

    Gina!!! These mom and me posts sure make a girl smile!
    He is the cutest!