When Discouraged? Just Do.

May 14, 2015
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We all have days where we feel like we can’t catch a break, it’s been heck of a week, or challenging season. Often we are left tired and spendt with no extra energy. It’s part of life. My suggestion when this happens?

Do something. It doesn’t have to be huge. Just make it Mini. Itty Bitty. Something THAT IS NOT ON YOUR TO-DO LIST. Something you don’t usually make time for. Something that often gets put on the backburner, because “there are just So many things that need your attention”

Do something you’re good at. Laughing, Hilarious Dance moves, monkey noises. Blowing bubbles with chewing gum. Literally one of my favs. Remind yourself that you do have talents. You have skills. Even if you don’t do them everyday, remember you can still “ride that bike” This will often reset your perspective when you are in a season of learning and often failing. To remember you are learning. But remind yourself of the feeling of doing something well.

Do something to bless another. An encouraging text. A cookie. Buy a friend their favorite treat. Write a thank you card to your momma. Getting your mind off yourself, will help you realize that loving another can be so giving. Love Does, right?

Do something that makes your heart flutter or race. Flick your hair. Shake it off. Run a sprint. Run 3 miles. Hug your babies. Smell a candle. Dance in the rain. These examples, definitely my favorite, because we are so often behind a desk, in front of a screen. Hustlin’ 24/7, 8 days a week right? Let’s take time so slow down. See the little beauties and thank the Lord for the littlest of gifts.

Do something y’all. SOMETHING that doesn’t require striving or doing. Just being. Enjoying. LIVING. Make time, I know you don’t think you have time. But Do it anyway. Give your day a chance for a reset. That one thing. I believe in you. You can. I am now heading off to go flick my hair and dance in the rain. Just to remind myself that 5 seconds of living and heart filling is worth it in every way.

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