Greta + John | Married

November 18, 2015
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Classic Jewel Tone Fall Wedding at the Landmark Center

Y’all I am so excited to share Greta and Johnny’s big day! These two got married last weekend and were up for anything (a photographers dream). Their classic jewel tone fall wedding at the Landmark Center in St. Paul was so incredibly stunning. You guys pay attention to – THE card – the card that her husband-to-be handmade?!?! This groom has hand made a card every single month they have been dating (check them out in their engagement session here). My favorite part of the cards: Johnny’s hallmark sign on the back of each one.  He is a keeper, right? AND – I even got one as a thank you on the day of their wedding! Greta did step up her “keeper” game as she presented him with a journal of letters from her all throughout their engagement year. Johnny had no idea and it was so sweet to witness his reaction.

Inspiration for their day came from rich, jewel tones and the brides vision of a LOT of candlelight during dinner and the dance. They wanted it to be classic with warm colors to complement their late fall wedding.

Some of my favorite moments from the day included the family singing a blessing before they walked out from their ceremony as a married couple – it brought the bride to tears and was just so special. I also loved the sweetest little flower girl who wanted to continuously cheers bouquets with bouquets and the girls dancing to party in the USA before the ceremony.

Greta + John, you two and your ridiculously amazing selves will always hold such a special place in my heart and am so honored to have been included in your day!


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When asked to paint a picture of her reception, the bride said this (and her vision came true):
“I’m hoping for a room filled with laughter and Michael Buble’s beautiful voice playing in the background. The tables will have ivory linens with jewel tone florals and LOTS of candles. My dad will shed more than a couple happy tears during his speech. Our friends will get a little aggressive with the glass clinking. After our first dance and Father of the Bride & Mother of the Groom dances are complete, the dance floor will be crazy packed for the rest of the night. “Classic-LandmarkCenter-Wedding-StPaul0096 Classic-LandmarkCenter-Wedding-StPaul0097 Classic-LandmarkCenter-Wedding-StPaul0102 Classic-LandmarkCenter-Wedding-StPaul0103 Classic-LandmarkCenter-Wedding-StPaul0106Classic-LandmarkCenter-Wedding-StPaul0105Classic-LandmarkCenter-Wedding-StPaul0094


Wedding Dress | Mori Lee from The Wedding Shoppe
Brides Shoes | The Dessy Group
Bridesmaid Dresses | Kennedy Blue
Ceremony + Reception | Landmark Center
Caterer | Town Hall Brewery
Invitations | Denice Bradley
Videographer | Laura and Trevor Fincher
Cake | Nothing Bundt Cake
Makeup | BB Makeup Bar, Brooke Fleetwood
Hair | Melissa Hillmer
Florals | Forget Me Not Floral Events by Lisa Boerner
DJ | Jeff Atchison (aka DJ Hamster Dance)

Want to see more of this beautiful couple? Here’s their engagement session!

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