Meghan + Kyle | Engaged

December 3, 2015
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A Cozy Winter Minneapolis Engagement Session

After last nights Intentional Holidays class over at The Influence Network, I’m definitely getting into the holiday spirit. So, I thought I’d bring you a favorite engagement session that feels cozy and Christmas-y. Revisiting these images made my heart remember one of the biggest reasons I love being a photographer.

You see, there is a special moment that I wait for with anticipation during each of my sessions. It usually happens a couple poses in, when my clients get used the goofy girl behind the camera. They realize that I am not going to make them uncomfortable and over-posed. They see how I use movement and then……then it happens.

The moment of real pure connection.

It’s an incredible honor to witness this moment where I as the photographer see a glimpse into the real guards-down human being that they are and y’all, it’s freaking beautiful. Whether it’s the first time a couple REALLY looks at each other. When a momma puts her tickle fingers and her little one is oozing with anticipation. A goofy laugh while feeling like a nerd “trot-running” for an image.

THIS is what I am after when I photograph others.

All of my energy is spent working on pulling these moments back out after the first glimpse and capturing them in your final images. My hope is that I do this so subtly that you don’t even notice until you get that gallery delivered. You open them up and see yourself, your relationship, your family just as they are. Beautiful. No fake smiles, but connections full of Joy.

Joy that sometimes is easy to get lost in the everyday. My hope and desire is that my imagery helps you champion and remember that joy for years and generations to come.

Winter-Minneapolis-Engagement-photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography-0001 Winter-Minneapolis-Engagement-photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography-0011 Winter-Minneapolis-Engagement-photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography-0017 Winter-Minneapolis-Engagement-photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography-0009 Winter-Minneapolis-Engagement-photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography-0015 Winter-Minneapolis-Engagement-photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography-0016 Winter-Minneapolis-Engagement-photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography-0031 Winter-Minneapolis-Engagement-photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography-0003 Winter-Minneapolis-Engagement-photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography-0027Winter-Minneapolis-Engagement-photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography-0008 Winter-Minneapolis-Engagement-photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography-0005Winter-Minneapolis-Engagement-photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography-0019 Winter-Minneapolis-Engagement-photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography-0024 Winter-Minneapolis-Engagement-photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography-0020 Winter-Minneapolis-Engagement-photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography-0034 Winter-Minneapolis-Engagement-photos-by-Gina-Zeidler-Photography-0035

Another one of my most favorite engagement sessions I have ever photographed and I have never shared it over here on the blog?!?! You might recognize these faces from their beautiful wedding. Y’all, what a dream these two are to photograph. These two are so ridiculously adorable. And I still can’t get these outfits out of my head. They feel so festive, so style points Kyle and Meghan! And the Tulle skirt? Right? In love times a million!

Loving winter themed photos? Then you’ll love their winter wedding and can check it out here. You NEED to see her dress. I was in love at first sight.

2 thoughts on “Meghan + Kyle | Engaged

  1. Amazing Gina! That joy is definitely there and your couples and families are so blessed to have you capture it for them!

  2. GINA!!! These pics are simply amazing – you blow me away time and time again with your ability to capture that look over and over again. So beautiful :):):) I swear – if I ever get rich, I am going to come to visit you (and Leah) and just sit down and talk to you both.

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