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April 8, 2016
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Somedays I have one foot in mothering, one in being a wife. Other days days I have two feet in my business & encouraging others. Somedays it’s two feet into grocery shopping and toddler wrangling.

I believe being a mother is all about slowly but surely, learning to ride the rhythms of your current season. Finding your feet each day, often each step at a time.

Somedays it’s graceful and you literally dance through your tasks & other days you resemble the game of twister, feeling entangled, turned around and upside down.

If I’ve learned anything so far about approaching motherhood it’s about remembering where my feet are firmly planted. To remember that no matter if I’m gliding or tripping that day, my performance isn’t everything.

To come back to my Father God. Who determines my steps. He gives my tired feet a rest. He picks me up when I fall. He restores and He lifts.

I want to stop carrying guilt that my “feet” aren’t doing the right dance or dancing as good as “her” So I’m choosing to sing some lyrics to the tune of my motherhood these days, ‘life’s a dance you learn as you go.’ To laugh at myself and just dance, like no ones watching.

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