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April 20, 2016
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We live in a culture where hustle, pushing harder & longer is praised. With that we also praise and laugh at the result. The burnout, binge watching, the donuts. To be honest, this is a cycle that doesn’t leave us whole or rested. Hustling until our bodies crash isn’t a way to live life.

This year I am working on making weekly scheduled rest a big priority. It’s my bend just to work a little more, to get ahead, just another hour. Sound familiar?

Yet, I am learning the importance and truth that rest is commanded (Exod 20:8) aka it’s not a luxury or being selfish we are all created to NEED a day of rest EACH WEEK (not once in a blue moon). TRUE rest.  While I love me some netflix, I never feel truly rested after watching my 4th show, I just want more.

My heart this morning wants to break this bogus culture that is rest is weak or only for the lazy. It’s the freaking opposite, resting is so wise and often a challenging discipline. (Preaching to myself today as I often feel guilt for resting)

But y’all the fruit is so worth it. Yet I feel like we never get a taste of this fruit as we are all so busy, overwhelmed we don’t know how to rest anymore.

So I encourage you to try to REALLY rest this weekend. Even if it’s an hour. Take a bath, a walk, create. It’s not selfish. It’s part of our design. It will bear fruit. Let it refill your well I promise real rest is#betterthandonuts every single time.

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