Why I don’t love the #GirlBoss

May 18, 2016
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Confession….. Seeing the hashtag. #BOSS #GIRLBOSS #BOSSMOM has always made me squirm just a bit. Now don’t get me wrong. How amazing of an accomplishment it IS to be your own boss. For a woman to be running a business. To HAVE the opportunity in this country to set your schedule/duties. All of these things are so great & such.a. privilege.

Yet, I feel like it can be just another punchy title that is promising importance and entrance into a “cool club”. Implying that because we are a BOSS we have things under control, that we rule the world, that we have control over our destiny. That we can plan our way into the perfect future.

Most of us (aka me) love to jump on the band wagon of labels or anything that pumps our individuality/independence, often without knowing what we are slowly getting entangled in. Again, all the praise hands for accomplishing these great (often challenging) feats, but I think we loose sight of where our heart is getting caught.

We get caught more in the DOING. The ACCOMPLISHING. So caught up that we become addicted to the #hustle.

We start believing the LIE that unless it’s big or bold it doesn’t mean anything.

Unless it’s changing the whole wide world, it seems less. And of course the days where you feel the very exact opposite of a boss, make you feel like a fraud/failure.We lose appreciation for the beautiful mundane. We always want the next thing, instead of being able to slow down to see the beauty in today.  Does this sound familiar? Or what if you are an employee, my friend Lara Casey points out. Does that make you less of a human? Or not hustling enough? Gosh no.

Basing your identity in an accomplishment, is just another form of us getting caught up in another place we feel like we have to attain perfection in. And friends I don’t want to be caught up anymore. My heart craves freedom from all the clubs and hashtags of this world.

The truth is for me. I have freedom in the ultimate #boss, Jesus my savior. He is my place of true REST and identity. I’m already living the dream, because of His sacrifice! I’m not always the best at remembering this the days where it feels like it’s all on me. But the TRUTH is He is the one that gives me the opportunity to have a business, a family, friends. I’m not in control. He ultimately is. I don’t have to do it perfectly. I don’t have to have it all figured out. He is the way & answer. I just need to get small and remind me of how BIG my boss is ;). And y’all He isn’t a boss, He is a Father. A sweet parent who loves us so much.

So KNOW I love you #bosslady #bossmoms #girlbosses. I am proud of you. But I honestly know you are so much more than those things.

I don’t want you to be defined by a hashtag club. Girl, whether you are rocking the world today or stuck in the mess, you are worthy, beautiful and worth it.

So will you partner with me in guarding our hearts of the elusive titles, so we can stay focused on the beauty that we truly are. Women, mothers, humans put on this earth to LOVE those around us well.


I am so grateful to see the beauty of the movement of the #theimperfectboss started by Fire+Wind Co where we share the honest hearts behind the everyday of what owning a business looks like to shatter any notions that bosses are more amazing people than others! We are all on the same playing field in this thing called life!


3 thoughts on “Why I don’t love the #GirlBoss

  1. Thank you so much for your words, Gina. This is spot on. Since I’ve become “just” a stay at home mom, I oftentimes wonder what’s wrong with me since I can’t fathom juggling three kids that are four years old and younger with a full-time at-home business. I also frequently get down on myself for leaving my previous career behind for this season of me being at home. Will that career be there when I’m ready for it again? Is that career “enough” when compared to owning a business? I know I need to rest in being enough in God’s eyes, and I try to remind myself that I’m raising kids for his eternal kingdom, which is far more important than any career I could have. But sometimes it’s so hard to remember His truth amidst all of today’s sounds. Thank you.

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