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June 7, 2016
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Dear photographer friend like me that is so hard on yourself. We are all working so hard for perfection in our images. For perfect light, for it to be or look like film, for each image to be perfectly tack sharp, with the perfect skin tones.

While those are great things for us to keep in our minds. Let us not forget the most important reason why we do what we do.

We as photographers GET TO preserve memories, moments in time. Even ones that might seem mundane. 

Look back at the last image in my feed: It isn’t magazine worthy, but man it’s priceless to me because it holds so much meaning to me that I cherish it. Literally so incredibly grateful for it, but at the time I first saw it I didn’t even understand the meaning. 

So give yourself grace. Your every image doesn’t always have to be perfect or on brand.

Just focus on loving others through your camera by capturing people in their element so that when 10 years past, 50 years past your clients can look back through your images and see legacy, gratitude and the beauty that was in that moment.

The rest is fluff. K.

iPhone Photo by Ally Wasmund

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