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June 23, 2016
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WHOOP!! This Colorado loving Minnesotan had her first wedding back in the mountains this June. It was remarkable! I hadn’t been back to Colorado since Cal was born and I couldn’t be more excited to share this wedding with y’all. Literally it was the perfect event to come back to!  I swear something happens when I pop off that plane and drive into the mountains that makes my heart swell. This stunning wedding was at Sapphire Point right outside of Breckenridge and the reception at a private residence in Breck.

Julia my sweet bride and I went to private school together back in the day! She was and is an amazing basketball player and she to this day still says if I would have stayed at Meadow Creek after 8th grade we all could have gone to state! So many of my close friends are from those elementary days, I often wonder what it would have been like to graduate with that crew!! It was so incredibly wonderful to catch up with Julia’s family. Everyone was so amazing and welcoming!

Julia and Jim live in one of my other favorite places on the planet: Manhattan Beach, California. Seriously there and Hermosa are the greatest little towns there! I feel like there are a good chunk of MN transplants there as well! This couple wanted to tie the knot this summer somewhere private and simple surrounded by those most important to them. Jim’s family was such a close knit group, which in this day and age is just an honor to see. Jim and his siblings are so close and it was just really sweet to witness them all connecting as they live all over the US. It was really sweet to see.

I’d have to say one of my favorite parts of the day was talking all things soccer with the groom on the ride up the mountain and also loved the sweet tears that were shed by family during the processional. So sweet. Julia and Jim! So much love to you and your families! SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__004SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__001 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__002 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__003 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__005 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__006 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__007 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__008 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__009 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__010 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__011 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__012 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__013SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__016SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__015SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__017 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__014 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__018 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__019 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__020 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__021 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__022 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__023 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__025 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__026 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__027 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__028 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__029 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__030 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__031 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__032 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__033 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__034 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__035 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__036 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__037 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__038 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__039 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__040 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__041 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__042SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__024 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__043SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__049 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__044 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__045SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__050 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__046SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__048 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__047SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__052    SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__051 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__057SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__053 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__054 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__055 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__056 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__058 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__059 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__060 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__061  SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__063SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__062 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__064 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__065SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__067 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__066  SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__068 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__069 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__070 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__071SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__074 SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__073SapphirePointColoradoMountainWedding__076Julia and Jim had the MOST amazing planning team in CO. I would recommend Joann with her company Mountains and Meadows Wedding 100 times over! I had such fun coordinating and rocking this wedding out with her and her team!!

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