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September 13, 2016
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Y’all it’s coming this week. Your first inside look into this course that has been in the work for months on months! Keep your eyes out for the pieces to be live this week! I shared some sneaks on my instagram story yesterday, go peek before it’s gone!

Do you ever feel crazy stuck during your sessions? You aren’t sure your clients trust you?That transition time? The quiet? Even when you have the most beautifully lit location with gorgeous clients can still end up with awkward and fake smile photos, right. Whether it’s kids refusing to engage with you, or sit still. Maybe Dad’s bored and wishing they were somewhere else.

THIS is exactly why I created this course! To teach you by hands on video trainings, how my sessions flow. How I make true authentic images happen each session! Y’all I can’t wait to hold your hand and help you book the rest of your season because your images will be irresistible to your clients eyes and hearts.

Not much fires me up more than UNLOCKING my secrets in educating others the ways I photograph and run my business. Why? Because watching my mentor clients eyes light up with hope and opportunity at their business growth, it seriously magical.


Let me answer some of the questions that you have asked, to help you have those eye opening moments. Know I believe you are almost there and this will set you soaring across the edge! You aren’t failing, you just need to peek and come along with me on a shoot and you will be rocking it so soon!

Q: I am wanting to offer several options so that everyone can afford a session without driving my biz into the ground, how do I do that?

A: Scheduled yearly mini sessions (specific dates, not offering them all the time) has been amazing for my business and solved this for me. The last 4 years I have booked 50+ mini sessions in less than 24 hours after I announce the dates! I will be sharing a bonus soon that rolls out exactly how I ramp this up and how the actual day isn’t crazy or stressful but crazy successful.

***Also mini’s aren’t for every business, but for a momma who wants to see clients and families year after year, it’s a beautiful way to see client efficiently and get wonderful results! I’ve had some families doing minis for 7 years!***

Q : I would love help communicating to my clients and getting the to understand how to be natural. It’s a tough thing to do when people are programmed to smile at the camera!

A. This. Honestly this is what my course is about. Stay tuned and watch this week for the first free video training and you will see me behind the scenes working around this problem! It’s all about how I catch my clients off guard, to help the cheese or awkward posed smile get the heck out of your sessions. Short answer, keeping it moving & catch them off guard. Long answer, coming soon!

Q: I would love help finding the best light in clients homes!

A: Start way before you get there. During lifestyle in home sessions I am asking my clients to watch the light in their home and tell me where it trends throughout the day. What rooms at what time and that is an amazing tool to set the session time!!! Start doing this right away, because from the get go, you are the expert and having them notice something they might not have already. They will trust you immediately!!!

Also when I arrive to home sessions, I ask them to show me around and peek at the different rooms. Always look for windows and shoot in from them for good clean light! You can backlight too, just do the light palm test (email me if you don’t know what this is!) and it should help you show shadows.

Q : How to get them comfortable with me and act like I am not there…especially the dads!

A: We have all been there right? Kids that aren’t too interested and a Dad that isn’t either. I think the best thing here is to meet them where they are at. Give them a little poke that you know it’s awkward and that it might feel terrible that you are making him do this goofy pose again. I’m so excited for you to hear my ad-lib in the live video shooting! I will often say “(Dad’s Name) is like, who is the crazy photographer that is making me do this walking and laughing pose, this is terrible”. If you SAY what they are thinking the pressure releases and they know that you KNOW. I also have a special way of intro-ing my session that really solve this too (a whole module breakdown on my intro secrets)!

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for so much coming so SOON! I’ll leave you with a “awesome” video outtake of my goofy face and how I talk with my hands WAY too much! 🙂



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