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Every year, mini session openings are sent to my newsletter subscribers, and every year they are filled in 24 hours with beloved clients who come back again and again. I could not be more fortunate as a photographer to work with such amazing people! Yet,  there is even a bigger reason why I believe in Mini Sessions. They are a challenge y’all.

I believe as a photographer if you don’t have the skill set to engage a whole family, get them to look at you, trust you and have fun within a 25 minute time-frame you are most likely, discouraged, stressed and frustrated with your family imagery.

Your mini’s most likely will be unsuccessful and most likely stressful for everyone involved. But number one, you are missing out on providing SO much VALUE to your clients. Value that will keep them hiring you year after year after year!!!

YET, If you can rock a 20 minute session with two toddler boys, get them and their dad to look at you, really smile and engage. Then I believe you have made a long time client just like that.  I believe that every lifestyle and portrait photographer needs needs this skill set, and I’m so excited to be sharing with y’all all my secrets in my new education. This content has the potential to turn those make or break moments, into Magic each time.

Tomorrow I am hosting a FREE LIVE TEACHING that will kick off the launch to my Awkward to Awesome Course!  I’ll be sharing the Magic of Mini Sessions, all my secrets on structuring a crazy fun, successful + profitable mini session day.

I am not just giving you high-level tips, but truly this webinar will bring you into my model from start to finish. I’m leaving nothing out. I will be teaching you how to nail the shots you need and my science behind engaging every family member for an amazing and seamless experience in 20 minutes – Yes only 20 minutes. Sign up here!!

Are you an awesome mini session client or fan?Want to be on the list for next year? Head on over and subscribe to my newsletter where I share the latest happenings, announce my mini’s early in 2017 and update y’all on what is going on in my business and my most recent work!

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Here’s that subscribe link again in case you missed it and want to join my community! I would absolutely love to have you!

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  1. Ashley Wells

    What a beautiful piece and makes me really want to make mini sessions fun and effective! Do you have this webinar archived anywhere? I’d love to watch it!