Clients that share their hearts| Being thankful. November 4th

November 4, 2009
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Today I am thankful for clients that share their hearts with me. This August I got a phone call from a past client that you never want to get. Their family just got word that her father Tom was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and that she wanted to set up a session of the entire family because there wasn’t much time. My heart just sank. Being that my husbands family member had recently lost her battle with this nasty cancer in months, I understood the importance of these photos.

The day came for the big family session and to be truthfully honest…. I was dreading it. I don’t typically shoot large multiple family photos. I also had a jammed packed day with client meetings and a couple other rescheduled sessions. So as I was approaching the location, I was putting my game face on and ready to snap right through the session. I arrived and was introduced to everyone and then BAM.

This family welcomed me with just by the smile on their faces. I literally stopped in my tracks for a second with near tears while meeting this group. For the next hour or so this family just truly loved on one another and I had the great honor of capturing it. I was immersed in their giggles, hugs and love that was just ooozzzing out of each and every one of them from grandchildren to adults. I also was truly expecting a very sick Grandfather, but Tom didn’t even wince at the pain. He spent the whole session making everyone else laugh, cry, play. He made my day, truly made my day. You would never have guessed that he was headed to hospice the next day. Tom lost his battle with cancer on Friday, October 23, 2009 surrounded by his ever supportive family.

This family truly shared their hearts with me, and for that I am eternally grateful. Every time I look through these images I have happy tears of the beautiful moments that these truly were. Again, Joy thank you so much for the opportunity to share these moments with your family. Much love to you all.
untitled-4untitled-2untitled-5untitled-3untitled-1untitled-6Tom, you were a amazing man even in the short couple of hours that I met you. You truly touched my heart and made me better. I know you are clowning around with all of the Lord’s angels these days and smiling down on us. Thank you for sharing your life and your family with me.


12 thoughts on “Clients that share their hearts| Being thankful. November 4th

  1. I don’t usually check your blog, but your Twitter said I couldn’t miss this one, so I believed you. And I’m glad I did. What an amazing opportunity and story — It almost had me on the edge of tears, which is saying a lot.

    Great photo’s, it must be amazing to know that these really will be cherished and handed down through the generations!


  2. I remember you talking about this session and to see the pictures makes me really happy and tear-y. These are terrific…great job, Gina!

  3. I love the last photo! The family will be so happy to have these photographs to remember him by. And yes, I have tears coming down my eyes too, the last grouping of the kids and him messing around is wonderful.

  4. My mom has a very good friend who recently found out she had two weeks to live and she thought she was healthy. Well it has been over three weeks now and she is still with us however not doing so well. What a great memory to have during just their last moments!

  5. Wow Gina. What a powerful blog. Between your description and your amazing pics. Wow. What you have given this family is beyond words…

  6. It usually takes a lot to make me cry. The usual things that should make me cry don’t and I find myself crying at silly things like the ballet. I’m sitting here bawling my eyes out. This is amazing!

  7. Gina, for some reason I missed this blog entry and it must be because God wanted me to look at it tonight. I cry as I write this but not out of sadness but happiness that we will forever have these pictures. As I told you before you did an amazing job and my family is forever grateful to you for capturing. This is exactly what I need to look at this very minute. God is good!

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