Long Flights | Being Thankful. November 5th

November 6, 2009
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Today I am thankful for long flights. Now your thinking, what?? Who likes sitting on a plane for an extend period of time,  let alone in a middle seat? Yes, this girl. But hear me out.  I just returned from Seattle ,WA where I had a mentor session with the fabulous Sarah & Chris Rhoads. I will talk more of this awesome experience soon.

Alright back to the subject, my plane ride there was about a three hour flight from mpls. So, I had just finished watching my rented movie on my iPhone (I had never done this before, but it rocked my socks off and I will be doing it every time I fly again) I looked down at the time and we still had about an hour and a half and I sat there a little anxious on what I was going to do for the rest of the flight. No cell service, no Internet, no facebook oh my. What am I going to do?

After fidgeting a bit, I took a deep breath and pulled out my new journal that I purchased from anthropologie. I have had this little number for weeks but everytime I picked it up, I put it down because I was distracted by another activity or it looked too pretty to write in. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but I just don’t love my handwriting. It just never looks as nice as everyone else’s.  So I said to myself, “Really Gina, you bought a journal just to carry around and look at, really???” after a little self talk, I dove into writing in my never been touched journal. No agenda, no subject, just scribbled down my thoughts. Four pages of scribble later, I remembered how much I loved to write. It was so refeshing to search my thoughts with no other distractions. I can honestly say that I hadn’t experienced true quiet time in months, maybe in years. I had forgotten how to slow down, and process onto paper. This experience was so refreshing, and probably never would have unless I would have been stuck with nothing to do on that plane, so yes I am thankful for long flights.


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  1. I also find peace in writing on long flights. I started doing that a few years back when the turbulence I hit was so scary that I thought I was going to die. I wrote love notes to every member of my family just in case the plane crashed. Since that experience, my reasons are much more focused on just enjoying silence and my own thoughts for a bit. Thanks for sharing these thankful stories. I love them. Sorry so long.

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