While waiting for my bride to walk down the aisle a couple of weekends ago, I snapped this shot. It stirred up so many emotions inside, even viewing it now still captivates me. Not only does Grandpa look dapper in his pinstripes, he looks happy.

Happy to be here. Happy to be present. Happy to have lived through life and now watch a grandchild start a new chapter of his.

This image inspires me to really live my life and stay present in the smallest moments. Enjoy my days and be grateful for all that I have been blessed with. This image brings back so many memories of my dearest grandmother who shared her heart with us in every moment we spent with her. It pushes me to let the troubles of my day fall at the wayside, knowing there are far more important things ahead. Sometimes I forget how powerful imagery can be. This image is a perfect reminder.

  1. Kristen Steele

    Couldn’t agree more! I hope that when I’m his age that I’m still smiling and enjoying life. He looks very dapper in his pinstripes!

  2. John Sharpe

    Really a great post and just love this shot! My wife’s grandma is the same way…she cherishes everything and always sends birthday and anniversary cards! Thanks so much for sharing! BTW, love the new branding…I’ve been in line for months to work with Aurora…seeing your stuff makes me even more excited to work with her!

  3. leah

    Could not be any more spot on. Such a fantastic image and beautiful moment!

  4. sarah

    beautiful words and image 🙂

  5. Michael Newman

    Love this post! I find great joy in meeting older folks with this attitude. I can only imagine the hard times they’ve seen yet they are content and happy with what matters most in life. Great photo and great post!

  6. Tara

    This man is precious, what a great shot that captures his joy!

  7. Steph MacPhail

    This brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for getting this shot, Gina. Your photos always do justice.