J + B | Part 1

June 25, 2010
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This little Iowa wedding was a dream to be a part of, hence why it deserves two posts.  Jess & Brian wanted to start their day with a quick first look and pop into the car (an amazing car they bought specifically for their get away ride) to visit the very meaningful ice cream shop a town away. Yes I repeat. It was my brides idea to go to this too cute for words ice cream shop , take photos and most importantly eat some ice cream (seriously when she sent me the link to this place I couldn’t believe my eyes, this is why I love my brides).  The story behind the ice cream shop is that Jess’s parents were also there on their wedding day. I am all for keeping tradition so we pulled up, shared a banana spilit and snapped away. Enjoy part one of Jess & Brian’s beautiful wedding day.

6 thoughts on “J + B | Part 1

  1. OK, first of all, the website is amazing and I LOVE your new look. SO PRETTY! Secondly, this wedding is ADORABLE. What a cute couple, a cute idea and beautiful photography.

  2. SUPER cute! <3 Love the first photo on the dock, and her DRESS. I've been looking for fabric like that (to make a skirt), and have had NO luck… 😛 I love it <3

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