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November 3, 2010
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This morning I wanted to start in a place of reflection of my MTH2010 journey. I needed to prepare myself after an October that consisted of 44 sessions and 5 weddings. I was surprisingly met with an uneasy feeling in my stomach searching through my old MTH posts. Almost being nervous or scared? I got really frustrated at these feelings because they feel so out of place. I know in my heart that I am so excited for the time ahead and I know how powerful my MTH experience was. Still the feelings were real. After a long conversation and fantastic breakfast with my bestie Lauren. I feel I have got to the bottom of it.

What was driving this? Fear. Fear of being vulnerable and open. Not that I am a quiet introvert, its super easy for me to talk to and to share with others. Yet, I get so comfortable digging my head into my workload and schedule serving others, that many times with out even noticing choose the life of crazy so I don’t have to pay attention to me and my feelings. It’s my coping mechanism. It’s not something that I am super proud of and something that I am definitely working on. This fall season was really hard, I took on way way too much and while I had a fantastic time. My family, friends, health and heart suffered with the constant run around.

I am approaching a time of soul searching, really digging deep and getting real. The fear and emotion at first was overwhelming. I took a long hot shower and I surrendered this trip and these fears to God. I was immediately filled up with peace. Knowing that with his help, nothing can defeat me. I know that this fear and emotion only means I am at the brink of something big. Something God has driven by giving me the opportunity of being a part of this trip with Lara and Emily. Lara wrote today The most important actions are never comfortable. – Tim Ferriss.  It was like she mentioned that for me. Case and point.

So after letting the fear pass over me. I am super smiling about the journey he has prepared ahead.  I have no doubt it will be uncomfortable, challenging, yet I welcome all of it. It’s the essence of MTH2010. I can’t wait to jump in and start swimming. (yes while said this out loud, swimming hand motions and maybe even a little of nose plug action was involved 🙂

I am so excited to meet each face on this tour. I am elated to spend full days with those who also want to push themselves and their businesses to a whole new level. So bring your whole self.  It’s going to be amazing.

5 thoughts on “MTH2010 | October Self

  1. SO incredibly proud of you, Gina!! Have so much fun and say hi (and give her a belly rub) to Emily Ley. XXOO

  2. so thankful for who you are Gina! Your spirit is so contagious! I am excited to see what magic happens for the next and last leg of MTH2010 tour.

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