Home Sweet Home

March 15, 2011
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Suprise Emily! You knew I am too big of a Type A to really only end on 9 posts. Here are a mish-mash of images I have been saving for you. I call this post Home Sweet Home, because the best part about this place is the other two you share it with. After staying as a guest for almost a week, I was able to see how beautiful God’s plan in your life has been. First you and your amazing style, your husband, your mom, Brady and even the pups. Your puzzle pieces fit together perfectly and this is what these photos mean.

Your perfect puzzle. 1 + 1 + 1 = The new family Ley.

I love you with all my heart. Thank you for sharing your world with me.


PS. I fully intended to journal to you every night at your home and I struck out after two. Never the less….here they are.

Day One :: Emily. Bryan is the peanut butter to your jelly. I seriously love both of you two, the character of a man and your beautiful heart is a perfect match. It’s so amazing to see how God has made you wonderful parents. Brady is perfect. His cute button nose and chin and his amazing “i want milk face” truthfully? he is exactly how I pictured him to be perfect. My little b-man who played patty cake with me inside your tummy. I seriously think he is magical. You also are so naturally a mother, and a skinny mommy to the least. You are a true testament that God made us women to grow and nurture and then turn back and to a beautiful woman. Happy first Nakey pictures B-man. I know that Daddy isn’t the biggest fan and then you even gave us a couple of sad faces when we talked about them, but you’ll get used to it. I promise I’ll make you look good 🙂 Night.

Day Two :: Whoo. Exhausted but all so worth it. Today was amazing….time flies when you have a baby around. It’s so fun to be around the everyday. The diapers, the cry’s, the kisses, the little baby sneezes. I love watching tv shows 6 times over yet not really watching them. I heart talking, laughing and just being girlfriends.  As I am sitting at your desk editing, I am in love with this place. It feels so me (which means I need to build and unpack this same desk that is sitting at home in a box), but yet so you at the same time. Thank you for welcoming me into your home with open arms. Thank you also for inviting me here to Florida. Running outside tonight for the first time since November…blew. my. mind. It was stupendous. I love you. Brady and B. Wait one more B. The bronco. LOVE the bronco. I seriously loved todays sessions and I loved that today was family time. Good night!

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  1. This idea is brilliant, G. And I had to comment that I love the second shot of Bryan and Emily by the bassinet, where he’s kissing her on the forehead. It’s very sweet and loving, but what got me was Emily’s toes. I know, weird, but that’s what got me. Her flexed toes were like the butterflies of being in love, manifested.

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