Introducing Live-in Sessions

March 25, 2011
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I had the opportunity to travel to Florida to see and photograph Emily Ley, her husband and their new baby boy Brady (also known as B-man) Words can’t describe how amazing it was to be there with this little family of three. Being in Emily’s home put my brain in another place. All of the sudden there was no pressure, no fixing outfits, no time limits, no making sure everyone is smiling on three. While all of these things are great and most of the time necessary, shooting Emily’s Live-in Session made me realize the this type of raw shooting is the ying to the yang of my weddings & portrait work.

Here I captured beauty that can’t be posed. Beauty in the ordinary, in the every minute and moment. All of it delightfully unscripted.

It’s like a peek into a whole new structure of love. The fear, the firsts, the excitement, the same-olds, your routine, or lack there of. I get to revel at the beautiful craze that is your life. Imperfectly perfect. And everyone’s story is so unique.  This work speaks directly into my heart, though at times they can be completely exhausting.  I walk away full, inspired, so blessed and so crazy giddy about my images. I read this brilliant quote today that totally sum up this work perfectly.

“We don’t remember the days, we remember the moments”

The moment your baby needs you, the bedtime stories, the total meltdowns, sleepy smiles, morning bed-head, soggy diapers. The total opposite of the 1 year old portrait or birthday cake photos. The real, everyday happenings that go on in your home. This is what I am after. This is what inspires me to no end.

A Live-in Session = is where I capture You + your loved ones and the little treasured moments that your family is built on.

Emily wrote about her Live-in Session experience here. There are ten posts in Brady’s Live-in Session (which means I snuck a new surprise blog post in). I have link to each one below with one of my favorite photo  (it was so hard to pick one) from each session. You can view her full gallery hereContact me for more information on scheduling your Live-in session.

Night. Night

B is for Bronco

Midnight Snack

Lions & Tigers

A walk in the park

Splish Splash

Nursery Rhymes

Reason for Existing

Jungle Love

Home Sweet Home

4 thoughts on “Introducing Live-in Sessions

  1. Gina, it’s fantastic!!! I may do couple of Live-In sessions too now :))) You captured their life perfectly! The story of love is Loud & Clear! & elements you captured are so sensitive and tender. Good job!!!

  2. What a great idea! I love these “real life” shots. These are definitely a fun change from posed sessions. I’m sure you will have many inquiries about more of these live-ins!

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