Of course life is bizarre, the more bizarre it gets, the more interesting it is. The only way to approach it is to make yourself some popcorn and enjoy the show – David Gerrold

Replace the word bizarre with crazy, busy, weird, stressful…. whatever adjective you want they all could work. It’s funny how often that we get wrapped up in the “bizarre” of everyday, when the best option would be to step back and eat your popcorn. Meaning, to take a moment to step out of the circumstance and really look at the situation. Whether you just stepped in dog poo, your kids just overflowed the toliet, or your to-do seems completely overwhelming. We should always try our hardest to break the cycle of immediate reaction. Look at these moments and know that you CAN CHOOSE your response. In fact that is the only thing you can control.

You can choose to curse the sky. Or you can laugh at the oozing beneath your feet.
You can choose to yell and scream. Or you can choose to appreciate the curiosity and innocence of children.
You can choose to sulk and walk to the fridge to numb your stress. Or you can write down three things and accomplish them and the go play.

You always have a CHOICE. I need to make a huge sign that says this on my fridge, in my mirror, and near my computer. I want to engrave this into my brain because I am sick of getting stuck in the cycle of reactions. Of having a bad day, of being ungrateful, getting crabby in traffic, feeling completely stressed and overwhelmed and not relishing in the up and downs of everyday.

We always have a choice. So next time, CHOOSE to step back, make your popcorn, and enjoy the show.

*Ashley of ABD Designs, inspired this post by sharing her love for popcorn with me. Her mom would always have popcorn ready for her girls when they got home from school. It was their time to catch up and hear about each others days. Popcorn afternoon dates are still a mandatory in her design studio, so while I filmed her promo video we grabbed these fun images. Ashley is stunning isn’t she? I can’t wait to show you how brilliant she is.

  1. Becky

    What a good post! In perfect timing…I chose popcorn for supper last night cuz I was too stressed to eat. Some not so fun stuff happened yesterday and chose to wait to respond till I had calmed down. Your post reminded me I did the right thing. Thanks!!

  2. Carlee Sizemore

    Love these, love you and love Miss Ashley! Can’t wait to see the promo video. It’s going to be fab, I’m sure!

  3. Rahul

    Love the scenery. Where were these taken?

  4. Angie Gallagher

    Good golly Miss G! These are pure awesomesauce! You really captured both Ashley’s and your own beauty in this post. Love love it!

  5. Brit @ Landlocked Bride

    Oh, I so love these photos of her. Their beautiful (just like her). And, I cannot wait to see the promo you shot!

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  7. Lisa Tilley-Newman

    Gina, you’re amazing, as is Ashley – so happy to know you both. I see great things coming 🙂

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