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In Your Eyes

They way these two look at each other just fills my soul. God has lead their path and when you look at them hand in hand there is just is no contesting it. I did an inside happy dance (yes I am that girl) the first time I saw them interact. Why, because the are so meant for each other and their story is a true testament that God’s plan is always faithful and he loves to shower us with his blessings.

I am completely honored to be shooting their wedding this summer down south! For their session, we walked all around Vegas. Even hailed a taxi on the strip we wish later learned wasn’t allowed, but our taxi driver didn’t seem to mind, like he didn’t seem to mind hitting speed bumps at 35 mph. Hilarious, a bit fearful, but perfect.

  1. Becky

    So much looove!
    Love the real moments you always seem to bring out and capture!

  2. Ashley Daniell

    I love this. I can’t wait to see the wedding photos. Their love truly is beautiful!

  3. Jessica

    Love these! Camille is gorgeous and you can see the love! The shoe shot is amazing!

  4. Brit @ Landlocked Bride

    Oh, these photos warm my heart so so much. Seriously love them (and Mark and Camille, too!).