On our way to the potty, an array of emotions hit me. While hand and hand with my three year old niece, I felt her little fist squeeze as we readjusted our grips and trumped our way to the campground bathroom. With each readjustment and squeeze a tinge of love shoots directly through her hand  into mine.

A squeeze of complete trust, excitement and wholesome cuteness. A smile hits my face and I find myself drifting into our environment. The lightening bugs surrounding us, all of the sudden become o so apparent. The cool of the night, the noise of our feet on the rock path. It really felt that simple. That sufficient in that moment.

There is something immensely beautiful about the innocence and ease of just being kid. No fear, no worry, just holding auntie Gina’s hand with full trust and just simply illuminating love. I want to live like this. Holding my heavenly Fathers hand, with full trust, no fear or worry and just radiating HIS love.

Tonight, my heart and faith were set on fire, all on our way to the potty.

(not my niece above, just my adorable clients and these ‘side of the road’ weeds that I am obsessing about right now, they are SO beautiful!)

  1. donya

    Little moments like that are the ones I love taking the time to jot down and remember.