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Just the three of us

A long beautiful drive up north, landed my assistant Melissa O & I at this beautiful wedding in the middle of north country. The location was just beautiful and we loved that every thing was just about 5 minutes away. From the go carts to beautiful dresses, allergies & lost keys, and  last but not least the infamous Lyss singing “Oh-Anna, what’s my name”. This day was one for the books. Check out this new family of three!

  1. Ashley Daniell

    These are beautiful Gina!! And I love the different post processing on some of them!

  2. Holly Clarke Gardner

    This gave me chills and made me cry. I don’t even know them, but I can feel their complete and utter joy at being a new family. Perhaps I’m just a little emotional because that was me just 6 weeks ago! Congrats to the new family of 3. Beautifully captured, Gina & Melissa. 🙂

  3. leah

    Um, yes. Huge. Gorgeous, through and through!