Brain Burpees

August 4, 2011
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Have you ever done a Burpee before? How about foam rolled? How about ran sprints or wall sits? If you haven’t or have no idea what I am talking about, click on this links above and try one. Thank me later.

None of these exercises are my favorite. They are uncomfortable. My body doesn’t get super excited by my 20th burpee, nor the last seconds of a plank or wall sit. Yet,we do them. We know the pay-off will be worth it. We know that if we sprint hard that it will pay off. We put faith in the exercises. We push into the uncomfortable willingly.

Why don’t we do this with our brains, our work, our relationships, our ideas?  Why don’t we put in the uncomfortable work to refine & renew.  Why don’t we take the time to assess our health in these areas and give them a mini workout. Most of us have trouble even sitting with the uncomfortable thoughts or dreams, that we distract ourselves. With food, with busyness, with our phones, computers, televisions.

Maybe you think you don’t have the tools or the right equipment. Wrong. You have everything you will ever need within. Now it’s just matter of discovery.

All you need is a minute or two to assess your heart, your thoughts, your work? First off all SLOW down enough to hear yourself thinking and breathing. Even if you have to lock yourself away in the bathroom for quiet, give yourself the gift of 5 minutes. Start by downloading. No judgment let the truth hit the paper and then after you are finished take a peek and circle what areas you want to  “put through a workout”

Start here. Burpee your brain. Feel free to email me if you get stuck, or if you aren’t clear. Let’s choose to not just go through the motions. I don’t want to sit anymore just going alot what life hits me with. I want to set forward motion towards my dreams and this “brain” exercise always clears the clutter and sets my feet in right direction.

Here is where I start my so called, Ginaism. Friends, after reading my self portrait project post a couple months after I wrote it I really realized that I resonate with my own words and for some reason even more when I talk to myself in third person. So that is what I am going to do and the end of some posts, just for me. Read if you would like, but no obligations.

Gina use your tenacity and heart in your workouts to transfer into the brain and heart work too. Think of the last 15 seconds of a plank when you are experiencing tough things. Know that it’s just there to work through, make you stronger and come out on this other side. And if it’s really tough think of the push-up planks that you detest, yet you do them. Push through. Push through. You have the strength, you have the knowledge, just tap into it.


One thought on “Brain Burpees

  1. So, I wanna do some burpees. This post is dead on. And, that lifestyle session right before is UH.MAZING. Holy moly!! You are inspiring!! Thanks for being willing to open yourself up not only for your benefit but for others! That’s a true servant heart filled with love.

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