This is the epitome of what my lifestyle sessions look like. Why do I use the word lifestyle? It’s so trendy you might think I am just doing what everyone else is doing. Nope.

I chose this set of words intentionally, because what I really do is capture your life. I style your story to look like the exact puzzle pieces that you are. No ones puzzle is the same, no ones story is the same. This is the beauty that I love creating for you.

I define your family by the in-between moments. The stuff that is really you. I get to know you. I say ridiculous things that that spark laughter and we let go of the worry and nerves. I create a space to be the real you, cause that is what I am after. The genuine, authentic, raw stuff, save the stiff for someone else. I want your story, your love, your uniqueness your life & style all over my camera.

We play, we giggle, we love. We LIVE during your session.

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  1. Liz

    The brightness of the sun at this time would have the photog in me panicking, but you make it look so easy. Gorgeous pics!!

  2. Monica B

    OH MY, GINA!!!! I absolutely LOVE how you connected with my family! Having such *real* photos of us is what I have been dreaming of. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  3. leah

    I’m always scared when you do sessions on the beach. Don’t leave me.