Pure Joy

August 10, 2011
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Meet Liz. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. She radiates. I mean radiates Joy, even through email. Liz invited me out to a live-in session here with her husband in Boston and I can’t tell you how amazing its been. With Live-In sessions I have to be honest, sometimes its a bit nervewrecking for both sides.

Me ::  Are they going to like me? Are they going to pick me up from the airport and abduct me (haha)? Are they going to think why does she have so many bags? Or what a nerd wearing her rainbow jammie pants around the house for breakfast?

Them :: Is our house going to be nice enough? We are too boring to photograph. What about our car? What if she sees our dirty underwear or our messy closet?  Our house is going to have to be spotless. What if I don’t look put together all the time?

Truthfully, at first I thought it was a little crazy and even asked my husband if I was being safe entering another persons home, people that I had never met. But, I went with my gut. Liz and I had emailed for the last 6 months here and there and we always held great conversation. Like I said, she radiates joy through email and she always knew from miles away the perfect words of encouragement to pass my way. It felt natural to say heck yes, and to get out here and meet them.

It’s amazing the blessings that sometimes get lost in fear. If I were to have let that fear run my world, I would have never left Minnesota. Never experienced the beautiful Cape Cod, had the best Sauvignon Blanc in the most beautiful beach home, never been welcomed by a Koala bear on my bed, never have got lost listening to Liz’s beautiful Australian accent and her awesome  aussie words like “lovely”,  and I would have never spent the days laughing and walking umpteen miles in Boston, with this wonderful woman. L & C thank you for welcoming me into your home. This is just a sneak at our first session.

3 thoughts on “Pure Joy

  1. I love these photos Gina! And I think the Live-In is such a wonderful idea! I’m sure you touched Liz and her family just as much as they touched your life. Keep bringing such joy and happiness to people!

  2. Gina! As always … INCREDIBLE! I can’t wait to have you do a live-in session for my family!! Your images are real to the core. You see intro your subjects. Really see them & I love it!!

    P.S. This makes me miss living in Massachusetts.

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