Waking up with Brady

August 12, 2011
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It was early morning as I heard Brady and Emily fading in and out of sleep, I mumbled to have her hand Brady to me and to go start getting ready. I love lil’ ones and I am usually a pretty good baby whisperer so my plan was to lay him on my chest and rock him to see if we both could squeeze in another 30 minutes of sleep, while mommy was getting ready for her photoshoot. When all the sudden this five month old, perches up in a seal push up and takes one look at me and produced a smile that changed me.

Until that moment I had never understood how adults give up their precious sleep for their children. Seriously. I mean I knew it in my head, but I didn’t know it in my being, until Mr. Brady Ley (his full name sounds so dashing) popped out that perfect grin. He definitely has the ladies touch already. (Em you better watch out. Especially for the girls with “lellow” hair.)  After seeing that smile, Brady could have asked me for a million dollars and a key to the city and I would have made it happen. I couldn’t believe the immensely beautiful innocence and LOVE that God instills in us when we are born. This is how Moms don’t get a full nights sleep for years. I was immediately head over heels for this 5 month old and he wasn’t even my own.

I feel like God is preparing my heart on all levels for babies. Matt if you are reading this post breathe deep and don’t pass out, preparing my brain around having a baby. (p.s. Mya, your years of lap luxury, attention and spoiling are numbered.)  I always have wanted kids and hope with God’s blessing that we will have them. Maybe 2, maybe 3. Yet, in the last years I haven’t yet had baby fever or felt ready. I still feel I have so much learning and growing within myself before I have another to look after, another to be a model for.

Truthfully it’s scary when somedays I feel like I can’t handle myself, my dog, my house, let alone a creature (and by creature, I mean a human) that depends on me. Do you ever feel this way? I know your never fully ready and that God’s timing is perfect. So for now I am going to continue adding to my future Zeidler nugget board on Pinterest, listening to God’s nudges and soaking in the unexpected rare moments, like this morning I shared, waking up with Brady.


15 thoughts on “Waking up with Brady

  1. It’s so hard to feel ready. The decision to become a mom is one that is absolutely guaranteed to flip you on your head (over and over again for years). But it is FUN! And I firmly believe that you will rock at it. P.S. I love Emily’s jammies.

  2. I heart yorur heart. Surriously. You are amazing. And you’re going to be such an amazing mom! Your baby might have to be one of those friends’ babies that I spoil as I live vicariously through their mommies, lol. Love u Gina!

  3. Gina, this was so gorgeous. I love the words you wrote — one day, you are going to make the most amazing mother!! These images of Brady and Emily are absolutely priceless, what a beautiful gift your talent is. X’s Sam

  4. Gina, Being a parent si a wonderful gift that god gives you! I still have days where I feel like my house, my husband, my son and work are too much, but then I just look at my son, and everything is worth it!! You will be great mom, I have no doubt about it! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us, and I look forward to your pictures with your bundle of joy!

  5. I love you. So much more than you’ll ever ever know. You have no idea how priceless the images you’ve given us are. These are absolutely precious!! I’m already looking back at Brady’s live in session with giant tears in my eyes b/c he’s grown SO MUCH since then!! XOXO

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