August 26, 2011
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These two not only looked amazing, but they are completely awesome.  Why? This couples connection is so strong that a tornado could have happened and it wouldn’t have affected them. I absolutely love and adore that about them.

In my mind, a must have at your wedding is intimate couple time. I encourage  my couples with my whole heart to set out specific times of the day, 5 minutes here or 10 there to really have time to look at each other and take in all the amazingness that the day brings. My heart sings when couples take time to work these moments into their day. Here are my favorite suggestions ::

Take 5-10 minutes after the ceremony in a private to just revel that you just said I do!  Just breathe and take it all in before you move into the reception part of the evening. This time is so precious.

First looks are amazing at creating intimate time. Not only do you get to just be overtaken at how handsome your groom looks or walk around your ceremony before it starts and just be awed at all your hard work. Many times seeing your spouse-to-be can calm your nerves, and center you before you walk down the aisle.

My favorite time is sunset photos, when we step out of dinner for 5-10 minutes usually with a glass of your favorite drink and use the beautiful sunlight as a backdrop to your day. These photos always are my favorite because my couples are totally relaxed and excited for what is to come in the minutes, months and years ahead. It’s so evident on their faces. I love!

Lastly, take one song during the dance and just step into the corner as a couple and watch. Take a memory snapshot of  faces, of the lights, the guests that has come to support & celebrate you. It’s a pretty amazing site.

So many of us brides (yes, I was one of them) get so caught up in worrying about if everyone else is there, if they are having fun, if they are liking the food. That sometimes you and your husband get lost in the mix. While I fully believe in having a big celebration and inviting large groups, don’t lose sight that this is your wedding day. Hopefully, your only wedding day. I want every bride and groom to soak that in. What I listed above only really adds up to 33 minutes? Are these worth it? Yes. Yes and Yes.

Now take a peek at this couple who included all of these moments, and had the best wedding cake I have ever had. Literally I possibly might give my left arm or adopt a Norwegian so I would have a reason to make these. So nummy!

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  1. Thank you for capturing such fun memories for us! We had such a fun time at our wedding and couldn’t be happier with our pictures! You are Amazing Gina!

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