Cookies, Boxes and Copies

September 8, 2011
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You were not meant to be cookie cutter. To fit in a box. To walk inside the lines. To be a xerox copy of someone else. You were each made uniquely. (Psalm 139:13-14) With unique gifts, a unique set of traits and tools. Yet why do we strive/compare to be just like ____ or ____ ?

The tragedy is that we compare our tools to another. You were blessed with gifts that others do not have and vice versa. The pull of comparison always leaves you empty, or chasing after unattainable goals of being like someone else. Then you start playing by other peoples rules and you wonder why you are struggling? Or you aren’t doing as well as them? You know when you are spending hours on facebook “checking in” on friends….? I am calling your bluff. Most of the time you are comparing, whether its competition or just friends, you subliminally rate yourself based on anothers status updates. Writing that out just now sounded SO ridiculous, but how many times have you read something and said I wish I had that. Or I wish I was there or doing something like that in my life.

No, I don’t think facebook, or studying others successes are the nemsis. But I want to be aware, and I want you to be aware of how quickly your heart can be affected. So guard your heart. The second you feel less of or start interalizing you have gone too far. Shut it off, choose to focus on something that reminds you of your purpose here. For me that is scripture and God’s promises. For you it might be turning to your kids or family and realizing what really matters.

What really matters is you. You being 100% you. Not a copy or a remix of someone else. We need you the world needs you. So today, ask yourself who you are trying to be? Yourself or someone else. Dig deep at what your heart really wants and follow it. Don’t look back or at anyone else for that matter. Follow your passion, even if its baby step, by baby step. Then you are truly serving the world. Living your purpose.

Ginaism ::  You have been trying extra hard at pleasing everyone lately, with the “right” shots and making sure you don’t miss anything, but truly what you have done is has clamped off your true creativity. And you wonder why you haven’t been on fire? You have shut off the fire trying to be something/someone else.  There are going to be up’s and downs in a business, you need to stop trying to please which is something that you innately want to do. But, being fully Gina is the most authentic way to serve others. Commiting a 100% to be everything the God made Gina to be is what you need to strive for. Gina you need to STAND your ground to be here. Some clients will stay and some will go away, but the right ones. The ones who value your work, your creative view and your heart will be there. Gina God has you right in the palm of his hand. Let go. Let go. Every moment Let go.

PS. I wrote this today on the MTH blog and felt I needed to share it here too.

11 thoughts on “Cookies, Boxes and Copies

  1. Gina this is so true! Thank you for stepping back and encouraging us to be nothing but the best version of ourselves. I think everyone needs to hear this once and awhile. You are the best!

  2. Oh Gina! I can’t tell you what it meant to read this today. It was absolute perfect timing for me. I’ve gotten stuck in that cycle of looking over the fence at what others are doing and forgetting my uniqueness and what I bring to the table. So thank you for posting this. I wish you lovely ladies were doing more MTH events as I would really like to attend one. Thank you – all the way from California. Today you made a huge difference in one California girls life!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I plan to bookmark it, re-read it and live these words that you wrote! Your heart is shown here and I am so so so connected to it…..i just love this post! 🙂 BE 100% YOU! 🙂 LOVE THAT! 🙂

  4. i have been exactly in that place recently…focused on those around me + comparing what i have or haven’t been doing ‘right’. and similarly i have been feeling creatively stuck + as if maybe this isn’t for me after all. so i started to turn on fb, and of course dug myself a well even bigger than the one i was agonizing over. i know i need to look inside + dig deeper, search my heart and soul for the answers…but it freaks me out + so i end up here, over + over again. not this time, this time i will end up somewhere different.

  5. I’ve just started reading your blog. This is so what I need to be working on right now! Thanks for sharing all your insight and struggles. It is so great to read an honest blog. 🙂

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