September 10, 2011
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If you are shooting a wedding (or any photos) today I challenge you. CREATE.

Step outside of your normal poses in your back pocket. Really look your bride and groom (or clients) in the eyes. See them, really see them. Drink them in. Slow down, you’ll get the important stuff. Take a risk. Listen to your heart. CREATE.

If it’s just an ordinary day, I challenge you too. CULTIVATE. 

Listen to the mumblings of your loved ones. Really listen. Go outside and breathe in the life around you. Tell the people in your life you love them. Show them. Start a new tradition or go back to an old one. Brainstorm.  Follow your heart. CULTIVATE.

You have the power to do all or none of these things. Choose to be alive intentionally through your actions.

Every decision.

Every move.


Ginaism :: Gina you wrote these words primarily for you. For you to choose to be alive in every moment. To not go through the motions. To take in every second of your wedding tomorrow with a new pair of eyes and profound trust in your gut and with God. To not worry about the small but give your heart and gifts for him to be used big. So go BIG today. Blow it out of the water, because you CAN. Trust God with be with Matt during the day. Give every bit of worry or discouragement to The Father. Stop those negative thoughts at the beginning because they are not true. Create, laugh, giggle, get messy just like you did when you painted these canvases. Love the mistakes and keep moving forward.  Then when you get home. Cultivate every moment with Matt. Love. Hug, pay attention, turn off distraction, invest. Create a new weekend tradition. Love God with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. You have his GRACE. His amazing GRACE. Lean into that. Always. Gina, really, seriously……..kick butt today. I believe in you and your ability. 

7 thoughts on “Create

  1. Yeah! I needed this G! I’m going to GET IT! Thanks for being someone who is seeking authenticity always, and pushing me to do the same. I LOVE YOU!

  2. Oh you beautiful, beautiful, woman…I love those!
    Can I get an autographed copy of these, I promise to hang them proudly in our home 🙂

  3. I love you. And I’m pretty sure I’ve been beaming with pride for you as you in your transparency have been made strong. And you are changing all of us. Stay in that space. Keep going. And please…keep sharing.

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