September 19, 2011
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Mr. Beckett. Boy would I love to live your your awesome room. Your mom is the most amazing designer and creates amazing pieces of art like this bridal clutch which is my favorite ever. Your mom even made your diaper bag. Seriously she is genius. B, you have lots of good lil friends in Florida, my most favorite is that you have two pups looking after you. Miss Maggie loves to protect you, she is so sweet. I can’t wait for you to be old enough to wrestle around with them. In the meantime, sleep lots for your mom and dad, pretty please grow your hair out like your Dad’s high school photos, and ask your mommy if she can please decorate my nursery when the time comes.

6 thoughts on “Beckett

  1. Love these pictures! (McKay did an awesome job with the nursery and baby) G, when I grow up and have a baby you must (pretty please) take the pics!

  2. P31 woman here….such adorable shots! I love the dog and baby nose/nose shot. And the feeding/pee chart. I’ve had those for each of my babies! LOL Congrats to the new mom and dad. Lovely photos.

  3. ahh!!!! love the pictures gina. 🙂 thank you so much for coming and taking photos of our little peanut. we love you! xoxo

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