Ribbons and Curls

September 20, 2011
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See this image below? It’s probably along with its 3 other brothers (that are later in the post) are some of my favorite wedding images. I quite possibly think that if we existed in a world of where we only could show one image to represent a couple, their wedding, and their love. This would be it.

The pure joy that is in this photo is enough to make me sing “Oh Happy Day”. The support of their friends. The beautiful style and details that the bride carefully put together and the surge of excitement and celebration for the years ahead. Walking forward into marriage with God at their center. Weddings are so beautiful when all these components come together.

I want you to walk away from this post and find that JOY. I printed this image big in my office because it is the joy I want to create for others. The joy I want to feel in my own life and marriage. Today I challenge you to find that photo for you. Look on Pintrest. Peruse your old photos. It could be a picture of your grandma or of the sky. It could be a person or a word. Whatever it is. Find it and then put it up. On your desktop, your wall, your phone screen saver.

Surround yourself with the Joy, Today.

  Also, thank you to my amazing assistant Kristi that I could not have done this wedding without!


9 thoughts on “Ribbons and Curls

  1. Gina, Andrew and I truly love every photo in this post!! You captured the day so perfectly and we feel so blessed to have it complete our memory of that precious day. We can’t wait to see the rest of the suite and put some ‘joy’ photos of our own up on our walls! Thank You Thank YOU!! (& Kristi + Matt!)

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