September 21, 2011
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Friends are for Frolicking. 

Find those friends who make you want to laugh, dance, be the you that is deep inside. Find and choose the friends that uplift your soul and make you a better person. Friends that support you and your goals. Choose friends who will push you in the right direction and be there for you every baby step of the way.

You deserve nothing less.

Ginaism :: Gina this was close to a year ago. Boy how things have changed since the middle of that fall MTH trip. You have welcomed a whole group of friends into your world. People that see you for who you really are. Friends that love to see your frolic and laugh at you while you are doing it! The authentic real and raw that you are, especially during the intensives. Gina you thrive in that routine, get over and do the challenge cause even if you have done and taught MTH a million times it still takes action. It still takes hard work and commitment. God still requires action for us to receive his blessings. Not to earn them, but to receive them. He wants us to be disciplined and not lazy. You can do it. Run towards God and your life, your work, your body, your family will be more like him. Nothing is better than that Gina, nothing in the world will satisfy you like HE can. 

PS. My favorite frolic places :: Hawaii, Colorado and like pictured here sunset at Manhattan Beach, CA.

PSS. Mad props to miss E Ley, who was rocking the 7.5 months pregnant frolic. B-man do your remember?

4 thoughts on “Frolic

  1. Oh Aunt GINA I love this picture! My mama was one happy lady on that beach with you at the edge of the Pacific. And I couldn’t wait to come out and make a lot of people a whole lot of happy. Thanks for making my mama smile a lot (and for taking so many amazing photos of me smiling). : ) Bman

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