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YES! I am so excited about this couples upcoming 2012 wedding. These two light up a room when they walk in, and they always leave me laughing or with a crazy huge smile! From singing karaoke, to getting our hair did or working out. These two are everywhere  in our lives and really making things happen. It’s so inspiring to see others live their passion, like we try so hard to do.

Matt and I are blessed to have both of them in our lives!

PSS. Luke is the best Chiropractor and Sports Performance training guy there is around here in our opinion. He will fix you right up! & Lauren rocks hair here. Check them out!

  1. Victoria Derrick

    Smiling oh so big!!! Congrats Luke and Lauren!

  2. Kelsey

    I LOVE the b/w image! These are so beautiful! Love the ones with the hazy glow. You are superb.